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Greek Week Softball Rules

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General Information:



1.    Ten players on a field at a time. May play one short without forfeit.


2.    All players must wear sneakers or cleats. Please do not wear cleats inside the building.


3.    A captain must be designed for each team. They alone may discuss problems with the officials. Remember, "zero tolerance" for arguing with officials.


4.    Games will be 3 innings or 20 minutes  whichever comes first. Full innings must be played each team must get at least two at bats .



             1. Infield fly rule: Runners on first and second with less than two outs. MUST BE           CALLED BY THE UMPIRE IMMEDIATELY.


2. Runner hit by batted ball – OUT


3. Thrown bat: automatic out for the batter


4. No phantom tags (fake tags without the ball) - Runner gets one base.


5. Obstruction is the act of a fielder not in possession of the ball and/or a fielder in the act of fieldingthe ball that impedes the progress of a base runner that is legally running the bases - runner given the base they are running to, plus one.


6. No bunting: Called a strike


7. No leading: No leaving the base until the ball is hit. Runner leaving the base early - OUT


8. No stealing


9. Overthrown into foul territory - one base


10. Arc of pitch is 3' - 10' from the point of release.


11. Flat pitches are to be called immediately. If the batter elects to try to hit the flat pitch and misses - called a strike. If the batter hits a flat pitch, ball in play.


12. Strike is called if the pitch has a legal arc and if any portion of ball hits the mat.


13. Batters box (draw box in the dirt) - No running forward, stepping on or over home plate - batter out.


14. Only one foul ball is allowed to a batter with a two-strike count. Second foul ball - out.