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Greek Week Strike Out Rules

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A strike will be given to an organization based upon these guidelines (subject to change and interpretation of advisor and Greek Week chairs):

  • Arguing with an official. This includes but is not limited to, complaining about calls or judgments made and gestures that many be inappropriate
  • Arguing with another team. This includes but is not limited to verbal harassment, violent or threatening physical behavior (physical behavior is subject to disqualification and university charges).
  • Violation of any rule as stated in the Greek Week rules document (any complaints must be formally filed to the Greek Week chair within 24 hours of the incident).
  • Not showing for an event without prior notification (or not participating in an event without prior notification).

These rules are enacted for the whole Greek Week meaning that each team is given 3 strikes for the week (NOT PER EVENT!). They count for both major and minor events. These rules have been set in place to help create a fun atmosphere for the entire Greek Week. It is not fair to a team (and is disrespectful) to listen to the opposing team argue or speak inappropriately. If you have a dispute, keep it to your own team and file a formal complaint as stated to the chair. Penalties for strikes are as follows:

Strike 1: 20 points will be deducted from the team total

Strike 2: 50 points will be deducted from the team total

Strike 3: The team will be disqualified and will be ineligible to compete in the remainder of the events.