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Handbook: Academic Advisement

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guidelines for academic advisement


Academic Advisement

Upon entering Edinboro University, each student is assigned a faculty advisor who, by experience, professional background and example, is qualified to assist the student in planning a program of study, choosing courses and providing insight into preparation for a career.  Academic advisors are available during regularly scheduled office hours or by appointment.

It is very important to get to know your advisor as soon as you can

Your advisor is required to sign your semester schedule or to give you your personal identity number (PIN) which allows you to schedule by computer.  Each degree offered at Edinboro University has a required list of courses or a choice of certain courses that you must take to graduate with that degree.  Scheduling correctly to make sure that you take only the classes you need for your degree is ultimately your responsibility.  Taking courses that you do not need specifically for your degree can cause you to spend more time to get your degree and can cost you more money.  Your advisor is there to help you so that you can make the best decisions about each semester's schedule and your education.

Your advisor can do much more than just help you with your scheduling

Your advisor can give you broad information about the major area of study in which you are enrolled.  Sometimes advisors can offer information about career or educational options in your field, after you have your degree.  If you are having academic problems he/she can refer you to various academic support services.  If you are experiencing other problems such as stress or health concerns, he/she can advise you about your options and refer you to qualified professionals who can help you with your situation.  Advisors can also be a resource for information to ease any conflicts you may have with other students, faculty or "negotiating the system."  

Contacting your advisor

In most cases, your advisor is a faculty member in the department in which you are majoring.  If you do not know who your advisor is, contact the Records and Registration Office or the department office of your major area of study.  Undeclared or General Studies majors are advised by various faculty or you can contact the Student Success Center.  In most departments, the office hours of your advisor are posted so you can make an appointment.  If you consistently have trouble contacting your advisor, contact the chairperson of the department.  The department chairperson can help you find your advisor or help you with your situation.

Some tips on effective advisor contact

If you leave a note or message for your advisor, give them your current phone number.  Sometimes your advisor does not have the best or current number to reach you. You may try to contact your advisor by electronic mail.  Before you meet with your advisor for your appointment, think ahead and get the forms that you are most likely to want signed.  Your advisor cannot help you if you do not tell he/she about your problem or concern.  Be assertive and ask questions.  Make sure your advisor knows that you need help with a specific topic.  You can change your advisor if you desire.  Forms for this are available at the Records and Registration Office.

Students are expected to follow their program of study outlined in the Edinboro University of Pennsylvania undergraduate catalog in effect at the time of their admission into that program.  The catalog provides essential information that will assist the student in meeting program standards and requirements.  Although a faculty member will be assigned to serve as a student's academic advisor, the student is ultimately responsible for ensuring the appropriate completion of program requirements.  The degree evaluation program is available online to assist you with this process.