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Handbook: Academic Withdrawals

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TOTAL withdrawal


Hamilton Hall

Students who wish to totally withdraw from the University may do so via the SCOTS system during the first 10 weeks of the semester.  Students are encouraged to carefully consider such an important decision and its impact on their academic career and financial aid status and to consult with appropriate faculty or staff prior to submitting their withdrawl request on SCOTS.

If a student plans to withdraw during the last five weeks of the semester, the student must meet with someone to discuss their request.  Students should visit Hamilton Hall to meet with the Assistant Vice President of Financial Aid, Ms. Dorothy Body, the Bursar, Mr. Mark Matlock, or the Registrar, Mr. Tim Pilewski.  During the last five weeks of the semester, or the equivalent period during a summer session, students will receive grades of WP (withdraw passing) or WF (withdraw failing).

If a student officially withdraws from all courses and wishes to return to the University at a later date, the student must then apply for reinstatement through the Office of Records and Registration. 

Thank you.