Student Handbook

Dr. Kahan Sablo
Vice President for Student Affairs
Pogue Student Center
Edinboro University
Edinboro, PA 16444
(814) 732-2313


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Handbook: Student Life Activities

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Student Activities


Mr. Dave Goodwill, Coordinator of Campus Programs and Recreation
217 Pogue Student Center
(814) 732-1455
The Student Activities Office is a component of the Office of Campus Life & Leadership Development.  It is comprised of University Programming, Campus Recreation, and the Center for Outdoor Recreational Experiences.
The goal of the Campus Programs and Recreation is to develop and facilitate resoponsible leadership and holistic lifelong learning by creating a safe, healthy, and positive learning envirionment that fosters academic achievement, decision making, self-esteem, and the personal development of Edinboro University students throught positive social interaction.
For more information, please visit the Student Activities website