Student Handbook

Dr. Kahan Sablo
Vice President for Student Affairs
Pogue Student Center
Edinboro University
Edinboro, PA 16444
(814) 732-2313


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Handbook: Student Services Multicultural

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Mr. Mark Weir
Pogue Student Center

Multicultural Affairs Office (MAO)


Our office seeks to identify and eliminate barriers to an equitable and diverse environment.  We serve as a catalyst in assisting the Edinboro community in creating a climate that promotes civility, respect, and sensitivity. Our goal is for all students, faculty, and staff to obtain understanding and foster awareness of different cultures, languages, and peoples.


The MAO offers a variety of resources and programming that enhance college life and celebrate individual differences. We provide leadership opportunities that foster personal and professional development while coordinating multicultural initiatives.  We encourage acceptance and appreciation of cultural differences where everyone is welcomed and supported.


Who is welcome at the MAO?  EVERYONE is welcome and encouraged to come to the MAO!  We are all unique and have something to contribute to making Edinboro, our community, and the world a better place!

What are some of the things the MAO does? We sponsor, co-sponsor, and support academic, social, and cultural events on campus and in the community.  Some events include, and are not limited to, the Cultural Heritage Month Series, student leadership conferences, and academic celebrations.

How can I get involved?  Feel free to contact our office or just stop by.  If you or someone you know is interested in something specific, the MAO can help provide you with information, advice, and/or referrals to additional resources.

405 Scotland Road - 231 Pogue Student Center - 814-732-2912