Student Handbook

Dr. Kahan Sablo
Vice President for Student Affairs
Pogue Student Center
Edinboro University
Edinboro, PA 16444
(814) 732-2313


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Handbook: Student Services Police

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  University Police


Mr. Clark Peters, Chief
911 Scotland Road
Office Phone: 732-2921

Emergency:  732-2911

The 14 officers in the Police Department provide the University with a high degree of protection.  Police patrols and programs complement the efforts of various student affairs resources to ensure that a safe and secure learning environment is maintained at all times.

Details on University policies and programs required by the College and University Security Information Act and the Clery Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act are available on the University Police Homepage under Clery Log or from the department.  Crime statistics for the previous three years are distributed to all students and employees each year, as well as to prospective students and employees.  The statistics are also available on the University Police Homepage under "Security Information and Clery Stats."

Crime/Behavior Watch Program:  Students and staff are urged to keep their eyes and ears open and report any suspicious activity to the Police.  Criminal Activity will be investigated and handled accordingly and inappropriate behavior will be brought to the attention of the Early Alert Team for possible academic or psychological intervention designed to assist the individual regain the necessary skills or focus to cope.

Operation Identification:  Students are encouraged to engrave their valuables.  To aid students in this process, an electric engraver is available at the police station. Additional engravers are available through the Residence Hall staff. We recommend engraving your driver's license number and the state of origin, such as:  PA 12 345 678  


Parking on campus is by decal or temporary permit only. After registering on-line at the "University Police" Homepage bring the vehicle Registration Card, your Drivers License and Edinboro ID to the  campus police station to obtain your parking decals. The fee is posted to your student account; no cash is required at the time of purchase. All decals are for the current academic year and Expire on June 1st . Registration is not necessary for temporary parking permits. They are free and can be picked up at the campus police station prior to your parking on campus.

Parking decals must be placed on the front and rear driver's side bumpers. Temporary permits must be hung on the rearview mirror facing the windshield.  The parking decal fee is per year and is established by action of the Council of Trustees of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania on a year-to-year basis.

Decal Classification

See the parking areas and regulations map located on the University Police Hompage

For information on acquiring a handicapped parking permit for use on campus, contact the Office for Students with Disabilities at 732-2462.  For information on acquiring a handicapped license plate or placard, contact the Edinboro District Magistrate at 734-5626.

SNOW REMOVAL RESTRICTIONS:  See the parking areas and regulations map located on the University Police Hompage

The following definitions apply for the purposes of parking only

University Campus - All land and property owned, leased or assigned to Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and used to promote or facilitate the Higher Education of our students. 

The perimeter for use in distinguishing commuter or non-commuter status are documents on the  parking areas and regulations map located on the University Police Hompage.  Anyone living outside those parameters will be considered commuters.


For more information please visit  the Edinboro University Police Homepage