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Internship Information

Our alumni and other students who've studied history, anthropology, and related subjects hold many different kinds of jobs, for example:

archivist, arts conservator, banker, business executive, civil servant, consultant, diplomat/foreign service officer, editor, education administrator (with graduate degree), EPA project manager, government historian (with graduate degree), health care administrator (with graduate degree), historical preservation/restoration specialist (with graduate degree), human resources manager, insurance agent, journalist, lawyer (with graduate degree), legal assistant, legislative aide, librarian (with graduate degree), medical practitioner (with graduate degree), military officer (with the Reserve Officer Training Corps program), personnel worker, historical documentaries producer, product system leader, public analyst, public relations specialist, religious professional (with graduate degree), research associate, social worker (with appropriate certification), television producer, elementary or secondary school teacher (with appropriate certification), television-radio personality, urban planner, vocational rehabilitation manager, writerFor more ideas, see the department's list of suggested job links.

But to get a job you need to get experienceto hone your skills. Toward this end, you might want to consider an internship. EUP history majors have interned at a wide variety of sites, from Erie Insurance, Drake's Well Museum at Titusville, Oil Heritage Region, Inc. at Oil City, historical museums in Erie and Buffalo, to the Erie Boys' and Girls' Club.

Professor Ihor Bemko, the department's internship director, can help you look for an internship to match your needs.
Call him at 732-2212 or 732-2575, or contact him via email.

For internships, check out:

Employers are looking for experience and development of skills from your internship experience. Your first and second years of college are not too early to think about getting an internship.

If you do not have the time to make an internship commitment, think about volunteering several hours a week on a regular basis. If you don't see an opportunity in your hometown or where you would like to work, think of related organizations that would offer similar opportunities.

Check out the department's links to information on jobs.

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