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Department of Health and Physical Education


 W E L C O M E !

Crawford Center           200 Glasgow Road              Edinboro, PA  16444

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Phone:  (814) 732-2502       Fax: (814) 732-2582

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Edinboro University of Pennsylvania offers you "the real thing," a quality program in Health and Physical Education leading to the Bachelor of Science in education degree.  Completion of the program enables you to take the certification examination to teach health and physical education in grades K-12.  Additionally, students interested in other areas the health field offers may choose a concentration in Health Promotion, Human Performance, or Sport and Recreation Administration.

The program is intentionally small with a low student-faculty ratio.  This ration is conducive to fostering student-faculty relationships, individual assistance, and personalized learning.  In this kind of program, you can expect to know and be known by the faculty.  This personalized approach is to be emphasized in its value to you as a health and physical education major.

In addition to personalized attention, teacher candidates will experience numerous opportunities to plan and teach lessons, improve motor skills, and gather valuable teaching materials in the public schools as a part of their Junior Field and Student Teaching experiences.  Students enrolled in Health Promotion, Human Performance, or Sport and Recreation Administration, participate in similar experiences with local businesses and organizations affiliated with the health, recreation and sport related fields.  Minors are also offered by the health and physical education department in athletic coaching, physical fitness management, and health.    

The following courses provide the necessary background in health and physical education:

  • Personal and Community Health
  • Critical Issues in Health
  • Health Emergencies
  • Health Methodology
  • Applied Human Anatomy and Physiology in HPE
  • Kinesiology
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Special Physical Education
  • Planning and Evaluation in HPE
  • Management of Sports and Physical Education Programs
  • Pedagogy for Individual Activities
  • Pedagogy for Team Games
  • Pedagogy for Lifetime Activities
  • Physical Education in the Elementary School
  • Health and Physical Education Field Experience
  • Worksite Field Experience
  • Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
  • Social-Cultural Foundations of Sport
  • Coaching Techniques
  • Health and Fitness Promotion in the Workplace

All students are required to take general education core courses in areas such as: artistic expression, world civilization, American civilizations, human behavior, cultural diversity, and social pluralism, ethics, and science and technology.  In addition, academic disciplines in areas such as the humanities and fine arts social and behavioral sciences, and science and math are explored in greater depth.

Health and physical education majors are encouraged to participate in the Health and Physical Education Major's Club and/or Exercise Science Club.  Involvement in these organizations offer opportunities to participate in a wide variety of conventions, conferences and work shops.

Certification and Career Opportunities

National trends toward the allied health profession, summer camps, health clubs, and recreation, have all opened an extensive area of job opportunities for today's health and physical education major.  Edinboro's program will lead to teaching certification and/or careers in the following areas:

  • Aerobics Instruction
  • Athletic Director
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Boy/Girl Scout Administrator
  • Camp Director
  • Coaching
  • Corporate Fitness Director
  • First Aid
  • Health Club Director
  • Intramural Director
  • Officiating and Judging
  • Physical Therapy
  • Public Health Service
  • Recreational Director
  • Water Safety Instructor
  • YMCA-YWCA Director

Intramural Opportunities 

For the student who enjoys competition on an intramural basis, note the excellent assortment of activities available for both men and women.  Some coed team competition is also offered.

  • Five on Five Basketball - Men and Women
  • Three on Three Basketball - Men and Women
  • Billiards - Men and Women
  • Racquetball (singles and doubles) - Men and Women
  • Outdoor Soccer - Men and Women
  • Coed Outdoor Soccer
  • Softball - Men and Women
  • Indoor Volleyball - Men and Women
  • Coed Indoor Volleyball
  • Coed Sand Volleyball
  • Coed Walleyball
  • Wrestling - Men

Students periodically evaluate the men's and women's intramural program through attendance at Intramural Council meetings.  Consequently, new activities may be added to the program each year. 

Intercollegiate Opportunities

For the student who enjoys competition on an intercollegiate basis, note the excellent assortment of teams available for both men and women:

  • Basketball - Men and Women
  • Wheelchair Basketball - Men
  • Cross Country - Men and Women
  • Football - Men
  • Soccer - Women
  • Softball - Women
  • Swimming - Men and Women
  • Track and Field - Men and Women
  • Volleyball - Women
  • Wrestling - Men
  • Lacrosse - Women
  • Tennis - Men and Women