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International Student Services
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
219 Meadville Street
Reeder Hall, 3rd floor
Edinboro, PA 16444
Telephone: 814-732-2770
 Email: International
Website: Edinboro University

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"I always wanted to study in the United States of America, and you made my dream come true.  Edinboro University is such a great place, and I have been delighted to attend the Spring 2009 semester there.  I have met wonderful people, that taught me so many things.  I gained confidence, determination, and saw that when you got good people "around you", and they are always here to help, encourage you, give advice, and to make you give your best.  You can only succeed, and become a different person.

- Wende De Clercq, Burkina Faso

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 International Student Services

“We import and export students!”

-Linda Kightlinger, Director, International Student Services



International Students at Edinboro University thrive in a welcoming and supportive academic and social environment.  If you are thinking of attending a university or college in the United States, come to Edinboro!  You will receive a first-rate education, at a reasonable cost.  We offer more than 100 undergraduate and graduate programs that will prepare you for a rewarding career.  To learn more, click on your preferred language below:
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                                           Portuguese                           Spanish                       Vietnamese

 International Student Services

In support of Edinboro University's Mission Statement, the office of International Student Services assists in the matriculation of international students, fosters relationships with affiliated institutions around the world, and prepares domestic students for study abroad experiences. 

For over 45 years, we have been committed to internationalizing our campus.  This commitment is reflected by the cultural diversity of Edinboro’s university community.

To better understand how the office of International Student Services can assist you as either an International Student wishing to study in the United States or as a Domestic Student with a desire to study abroad, please browse the extensive information on this website.  If you have any questions, please contact us at: or by phone +1-(814)-732-2770.


International Students 

In the Spring 2014 semester Edinboro University of Pennsylvania had 111 international students from 42 different countries. This special population brings global diversity to our campus and community.

The International Student Services Office is responsible for the recruitment, matriculation and retention of this special student group. The Office is available to the international students in all capacities; immigration matters, academic and personal support, orientation and acclimation to the USA and university life.

We benefit from the International students as they provide the campus community the opportunity to learn about other cultures.