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Healthcare in the United States is like any other for profit business, where different companies charge different fees for a variety of products and services.  The costs for these medical products and services are very expensive in the United States.

During semesters of enrollment, students may take advantage of the low cost Student Health Services provided on campus at the Ghering Health and Wellness Center; the services provided by the doctor and nurses at this facility are similar to what will be found at a primary care family medical practice in the United States and may be similar to a small clinic or infirmary in your home country.  This on-campus service is in not a full-service medical environment, is not equipped for emergency medical response, and operates on a “by-appointment-only” basis.  While we hope none of our students would ever be in need of emergency medical care during their time here, in an effort to protect our International Student population at Edinboro University from unexpected and costly medical bills, we require all International Students to provide proof of continuous medical insurance coverage during the course of their studies.  Medical insurance not only helps to protect our international students from the risk of unexpected costs due to emergency medical care, but also helps to subsidize the costs of any other medical treatment you may require while studying here at Edinboro University.

We are here to assist students during the information gathering stage of the insurance procurement process.  Medical insurance providers vary significantly with regards to what services and treatments are covered by their individual companies, limits as to the total dollar amount covered, out-of-pocket expenses beyond the insurance plan coverage, and annual insurance plan costs to name just a few.  It is in the student’s best interest to carefully select the plan that best fits their healthcare needs and personal budget.

A variety of insurance provider brochures are available in the International Student Services office, as well as a useful guide from NAFSA (Association of International Educators) regarding the purchase of medical insurance in the United States.  In addition to these paper-based resources, following are web-based resources for some commonly selected providers by other Edinboro University international students:

Edinboro University’s official contracted health insurance provider:

Consolidated Health Plans


Additional Private Medical Insurance Providers


Compass Benefits Group

HCC Medical Insurance

ISO Student Health Insurance

The Harbour Group

VISIT Travel and Medical Insurance


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