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International Friendship World Cup 2009

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10th Annual International Friendship World Cup 2009
Hosted by Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania
Sunday, April 5, 2009

On Sunday, April 5th Edinboro University took first place in the 10th International Friendship, World Cup, soccer tournament in Slippery Rock PA. All teams engaged in the tournament consisted of a combination of both international and American players. The teams represented at the tournament were Slippery Rock, Clarion, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Robert Morris College, and Lock Haven University.

Although the tournament was coined a friendly competition, by hosting school Slippery Rock, the play throughout the tournament was fiercely competitive and an all around joy to watch.

The Edinboro team was quick to take advantage of the first round of play, which would eventually send two teams packing and the others to the quarterfinals. The Scots tasted their first defeat at the conclusion of this round from a tough IUP side. Coach Saeed Abukari observed their play early and is quoted saying, "It was a strategy to make them overconfident so we could really throw everything at them in the semi-final". The gamble would prove to pay off when the fighting Scots pummeled the opposing IUP team with a barrage of skillful play and mind bending shots on goal. Following the win over IUP Edinboro went on to destroy Lock Haven in championship game. Netting two goals was standout Jimmy Mazary sending a world class strike off the post into the back of the old onion bag clinching the championship. The Edinboro team possessed a stingy and physical defense allowing few goals overall. Bolstering the defensive effort were players; Saeed Abubakari, Kyle Pittman, Auguste Some, John Bell, and James Holding. This group of individuals induced flaming tempers and frustrations from every offense they would face. Goalie Maitham Basha proved to be a key factor throughout the competition displaying catlike reflexes for multiple saves. A fiery group of players consisting of Adam Huffenagel, Morro Darboe, Whitney Macmartin, Molly Miller, and Dawit Tadesse proved an insurmountable adversary for every team in the midfield. Captain, Auguste Some was quoted after the tournament saying, "The game is essentially won and lost in midfield, these individuals truly dominated this section of the field which takes pressure off many of the other players". Exhibiting a dizzying array of footwork in the striker positions were multiple goal scorers and ball maestros Felix Eshesimua and Patrick Mwesige. The combination of the striker's blinding runs and ball skills proved to be overwhelming for rival defensive players.

The team presented the trophy to Edinboro University president Jeremy Brown, a die hard Manchester United Red Devils fan. Overall it was an outstanding opportunity for the team to display their skills and abilities at a higher level. The Edinboro team was invited back next year to have the opportunity to defend their title, and defend it they will.


Article was written by James Holding, graduate student studying for his Master in Social Work at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.

 We would like to thank the Edinboro University Campus Bookstore for donating the t-shirts that were worn by the Edinboro international team.


Arrival to Tournament
Warming up
Teams gather for the start


Auguste Some
Auguste Some
Preparing for first match Prague3
John Bell



Soccer match
Team photo
Soccer match


Molly Miller and Whitney MacMartin
Molly Miller, Whitney MacMartin and Auguste Some 
Staying prepared Watching from the sidelines


Soccer match
Team gathers together Lunch is served to the participants


More soccer action
Soccer match Championship Match


Final match
Championship match - Edinboro vs. Lock Haven

Soccer match
Championship match - Edinboro vs. Lock Haven
another action photo
Championship match - Edinboro vs. Lock Haven


Trophy Presentation
Edinboro team with Trophy small group photo
Saeed Abubakari, Auguste Some, Morro Darboe and Kyle Pittman


another small group photo
James Holding, Kyle Pittman and Saeed Abubakari
Preparing to leave
Whitney MacMartin, Maitham Basha and Molly Miller


Team gathering for presentation
Team speaking with President Brown President Brown receiving trophy



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