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Code of Conduct: Preamble




Edinboro University of Pennsylvania has a legitimate interest in protecting the educational mission of the University.  Standards of scholarship and conduct are established in an effort to maintain order, protect the campus community, provide an environment in which learning flourishes, and protect the good name of the University.  Consistent with the educational mission of Edinboro University, reasonable efforts are made to foster the personal and social development of students who violate University regulations and applicable laws.

In dealing with student misconduct, due process safeguards are established to provide a fair and equitable means of resolving allegations.  These procedural safeguards ensure that students are sent notice of the allegations brought against them, that they are given a fair opportunity to respond to the charges, and that the institution is not arbitrary in its actions.

To meet its responsibilities in these areas, Edinboro University has developed disciplinary procedures and a full range of sanctions to ensure appropriate options for each case.  Violations of this Code are adjudicated by the Office of Student Judicial Affairs within the Division of Student Affairs and Student Success, with final authority for the disciplinary system of the University resting with the President of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania (or designee).