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 Office of Student Judicial Affairs

Committee of Fact

What is a Committee of Fact?

A Committee of Fact (COF) is a judicial hearing board that is coordinated through the Office of Student Judicial Affairs.  A COF is facilitated by the Judicial Affairs Office, and is comprised of  one University student, faculty member, and staff member.

What is the role of a COF?

A COF has the responsibility of adjudicating judicial cases that involve serious or repeated violations of University policy. These violations occur on the Edinboro University campus or in the Borough of Edinboro.   Members of a COF determine if violations of University policy have occurred, and if so, recommend sanctions to the appropriate University administrator.

What types of judicial cases does the committee adjudicate?

The Committee hears judicial cases of a serious nature involving issues such as violence, physical abuse, drugs, alcohol, weapons, and other violations that can warrant sanctions up to, and including, University suspension or expulsion.

What is sanctioning?

Judicial sanctions are requirements placed upon a student who has been found to be responsible for violations of University policy and/or local, state, or federal laws.  Sanctions are designed to be educational in nature, and are recommended by the COF for approval by either the Coordinator for Student Judicial Affairs or the Dean of Student Life.  Sanctions provide students with opportunities to develop the necessary skills to eliminate harmful behavior and provide relevant outlets for personal growth and development, so that students may become contributing members of the University community.

What Procedures Are Followed In A COF Hearing?

To ensure that all students receive a fair hearing that includes the elements of due process, the following judicial hearing agenda is followed at COF hearings:

The chairperson reads an opening statement and everyone is instructed to identify themselves.

  1. The chairperson administers an oath to the respondent and the complainant.
  2. The chairperson reads the alleged violation(s) and circumstances and asks the respondent if he or she is responsible.
  3. If a violation is acknowledged, the respondent and the complainant will be permitted to make statements elaborating on the incident before the judicial board goes executive session. If a violation is not acknowledged, the complainant presents his or her case and any relevant witnesses.
  4. The chairperson opens the hearing to questions from the respondent and the judicial board.
  5. The respondent presents his or her case and any relevant witnesses.
  6. The chairperson opens the hearing to questions from the complainant and the judicial board.
  7. The chairperson opens the hearing to any final questions.
  8. The complainant makes his or her closing remarks.
  9. The respondent makes his or her closing remarks.
  10. The judicial board convenes into executive session, rules on the case, and prepares a recommendation for sanctioning.
  11. The judicial board's recommendation is relayed to the appropriate University administrator who accepts or modifies the recommendation and issues a decision letter to the respondent .
  12. The respondent may appeal, if eligible, to the appropriate University administrator in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct and Judicial Procedures.


What are the qualifications for membership on the COF?

Membership on the COF is open to all University students, faculty, and staff.  Students must maintain a minimum 2.5 QPA and a clean disciplinary record.  Committee members must possess excellent listening skills; the ability to be fair, consistent, and impartial; and the desire to contribute to the University community.  Students and employees of diverse backgrounds, academic disciplines and administrative departments are encouraged to apply for membership.

How can I apply for membership?

If you are interested in learning more about the COF, or applying for membership, you may contact the Office of Student Judicial Affairs, Lawrence Towers, (814) 732-2920.  Interested individuals must complete an application and provide the names of three University references.  Prior to appointment to the committee, applicants will participate in a selection interview with the Coordinator of Student Judicial Affairs.