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Office of Student Judicial Affairs

The Mediation Center: Students Helping Students

What is mediation?

Mediation is a structured process that provides individuals experiencing conflict, a safe forum to explore areas of mutual concern and work towards a resolution of disputes. The process is facilitated by a neutral third party.

Will mediation solve my problem?

Only you can settle your dispute. Trained mediators will facilitate a process that will allow you and the other party to work towards a resolution. A successful mediation will result in a signed formal agreement and will provide you with effective communication skills to assist you in addressing future interpersonal conflicts.

Will the information I share be kept private?

Yes. The mediation process is held in strict confidence. The only record of the session is the signed mediation agreement that is maintained by both parties and the Mediation Center.  Confidentiality will not be guaranteed with regard to violation of local, state, or federal laws, including but not limited to, sexual assault, harassment, threats, actions of physical abuse, or child abuse.

Can I refer others to the mediation program?

Yes. You can refer other individuals to the Mediation Center, even if you are not a party involved in the dispute.  Students, faculty, staff, and all members of the University community are invited to use the Mediation Referral Form to recommend mediation to others.  Although you may choose to do so, it is not necessary for you to talk with the individual(s) involved in the dispute before referring them to mediation.  Keep in mind that when you refer someone for mediation, you are providing them with a positive tool to work through conflict.  Mediation is always voluntary, and your referral will not force anyone to participate in mediation.

How should I prepare for a mediation session?

Before Mediation:

Submit a Mediation Referral Form to the Mediation Center and describe the general nature of the dispute.  The Center staff will contact you to identify the key issues regarding the dispute and determine if the case is appropriate for mediation.  The staff will then contact the other party to determine if he/she is willing to participate in a mediation session.  The staff will schedule the mediation session and send each party confirmation of the session and an informational brochure.

During Mediation:

Both parties will give their voluntary consent to mediate by signing an Agreement to Mediate.  They will agree to respect the ground rules at all times.  They will feel free to relax and speak openly.  Mediation is an informal and confidential structured process designed to encourage clear communication and to explore issues and options.  they will present issues, listen to the point of view of the other party, collaborate, and commit themself to the entire session.  They will work towards an agreement to be signed by both parties, OR in cases of non-agreement, create a summary list of issues that may be revisited at a future date.

After Mediation:

Retain a copy of the mediation agreement and commit and follow through on the agreement.  If the agreement is not upheld, or other problems arise, contact the Mediation Center for a follow-up session.