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Scope and Content

The bulk of this collection is comprised of materials from the Art Department and the Music Department. In the Art Department sub-group there are flyers advertising showings at the Bruce Art Gallery from 1980 to the current. The Music Department has deposited Performance Programs from 1963 to the current.

Other departments in this school have a much smaller collection. These are made up primarily of department minutes.
There is no material from the School of Liberal Arts administrative office.

Administrative History

Art Department The Art Department started life in 1920. It was established by Waldo F. Bates, Jr, also it's first chairperson and the office was located in Room N3 of Normal Hall. A year later, the office was moved to the attic of Normal Hall. The move was celebrated by art students who held a dedication program with a tea and a Scarab Club Ball in Egyptian dress and decorations. At this time, all students must complete an art course, but there was only one major and one instructor. The Department stayed in Normal Hall until Loveland Hall was built in 1931. The department was housed in Loveland until Doucette Hall was built in 1973.

By 1923 there were five majors and Professor Bates was joined by Aime Doucette. Bates remained chairperson until 1954.Around 1923, Delta Phi Delta, the professional honor art fraternity, granted a charter that continued until 1968. By 1929, there were eighty majors and five instructors. In an attempt to gain admissions during the Depression, the Department created the Arts Center, which offered special courses and summer programs for children.

Currently, Art students have access to three galleries located on campus. The main gallery, Bruce Gallery, hosts visiting exhibitions from artists nationwide. Graduate students are able to utilize the gallery during the summer for their thesis exhibition. Also, Bates Gallery and Hamilton Gallery are two spaces for students to exhibit artwork on campus.

Speech and Communications Studies

This department was created in May 2006 from the Speech and Communication Studies Department. The first mention of the Speech Communication Department is in the 1985-1987 University Catalogue. Prior to this, it had been called the Speech Department since its first mention in the 1938-1939 University Catalogue expect for a brief period between the Catalogues of 1964-1965 and 1969-1970 when it was the English/Speech Department. Prior to its current location at Compton Hall, offices had been in Faculty Annex.

English and Theater Arts

Although English Grammar courses had been taught very early in the University's history (the 1870-1871 catalogue lists English Grammar as a required course), the English Department did not come into existence until 1903-1904. In 1961, the department was housed in White Hall. Prior to the current location in Centennial Hall, Faculty Annex used to be home to the English department offices and well as classrooms utilized mostly by the English department. Bachelor and Master of the Arts in English degrees were first offered in 1968, and a Bachelor of the Arts in Drama was first offered in 1970. Prior to that time, Theater Arts was extracurricular until 1968 when it was combined into the music department. The 1970-1971 Catalogue first saw the emergence of the Music and Drama department although theatre courses had previously been taught under the Art Department and Drama clubs at the University had existed well over 50 years. It was not until the 1982-1984 Catalogue that the English and Theatre Arts Department was listed.

Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages have been offered very early on in the University's existence. The first languages offerings listed in Catalogue, 1870-1871, were German, Greek and Latin. Latin was, in fact, a required course until 1920-1921. From 1872 -1903 only Latin was offered except for one Catalogue, 1879-1880, when Greek was offered as well. In 1893, Latin becomes its own department, followed in 1903-1904 by the German and French Department. From 1908-1910, Greek was offered again for the last time in the University's history. In 1910-1911, the German and French Department ceases to be listed in the Catalogue, although courses are still offered in these languages.

The next available Catalogue is after WWI, 1919-1920, not surprisingly, German is not offered. In this Catalogue there is a Latin Department and a Modern Language Department, which consisted of French and Spanish. In 1920-1921, the two departments merge with the English Department to create the English and Foreign Language Department. Spanish is dropped from the listing in 1927-1928. In 1933-1934 German is added to the offerings of Latin and French. Spanish is listed once again in the 1935-1936 Catalogue. The Catalogue of 1937-1938 lists only a French Field although German and Spanish (but not Latin) are still offered. There are no foreign languages listed in 1941-1942. In 1943-1944, only French and Latin are scheduled. By 1947-1948, French, Latin, German, and Spanish are listed.

The catalogue of 1956-1957 sees the emergence of a Modern Languages Department consisting of French, German, and Spanish. Latin would not be offered again until 1987-1988. In 1960-1961, The Modern Language Department only offers French and Spanish. The Department was housed in the Hamilton Library in 1961.German is listed again in 1964-1965. The Catalogue of 1968-1969 lists the Foreign Language Department under the School of Arts and Sciences - Humanities. The Department then consisted of French, German, Russian, and Spanish. Chinese began to be offered in 1969-1970, but was never a degree field. In 1970-1971, the Foreign Language Department was under the heading of the School of Arts and Humanities. Chinese ceases to be offered in 1976-1977.


Courses in Psychology were listed as mandatory in the early catalogues (1870s) of what was then called the Northwestern State Normal School of Pennsylvania at Edinboro. Early principals of the school, such as J.A. Cooper, A.M., (1870-1891) Martin G. Benedict, A.M., Ph.D., (1892-1896) and J.R. Flickinger, A.B., A.M., (1896-1899) had concentrations in psychology. Psychology is officially listed as a department in the 1894-1895 Catalogue. The 1908-1909 Catalogue stated the School's purpose was a "two-fold division of work, namely: the theoretical and the practical." Psychology was central to the theoretical aspect.

In 1959, Dr. John Schell became the chair to the newly created Psychology and Special Education Department with Mr. William S. Herr, M. Lit to assist him. The Psychology Club appears in the catalogue of 1960-1961. In the 1965-1966 catalogue, Speech and Hearing courses were placed under the Psychology Department. A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology was created in 1968-1969. The next year, clinical psychological services became available to students and a graduate course in School Psychology is now offered. In 1970-1971, Psychology became part of the newly created Behavioral Sciences Division.

Compton Hall has been the home of the Psychology department since 1971.


School Catalogs
Strausbaugh, Roy. Edinboro University, An Administrative History, 1963-1993. Edinboro University Services, Edinboro PA, 1997.
Vance, Russell. A Portrait of Edinboro: From Private Academy to State College, 1856-1976. PSI Publishers, Rochester, NY, 1977.

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