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Title: Edinboro State College, Branch Campuses, 1965-1979

Inclusive Dates: 1965-1978

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Edinboro University Archives
Baron- Forness Library
Edinboro University
Edinboro, Pa 16444

The Warren Pennsylvania Campus (September 1962-79) and the Shenango Campus (1961-75) near Hermitage, Pennsylvania, were branch campuses of Edinboro State Teachers College. This collection holds materials created at those campuses.

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Edinboro State College, Branch Campuses, 1965-1979
Edinboro University Archives

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Historical Sketch:
Of Edinboro’s branch campuses one was in Warren and another in Shenango. They were opened and closed at roughly the same. Each experienced a warm reception in the community and a bell curve in enrollment. At the end of the curve they were closed as not being viable. Both of them expanded to the point where they purchased a campus or building to accommodate what they thought was a growing enrollment. Unfortunately, the enrollment declined the schools had to close.

In Warren, the school began offering night classes at the Warren Area High School in September 1962. In 1964, classes were moved to East Street School building in Warren. Then in 1971, the school bought and renovated Warren State Hospital “farm colony” as its campus. From opening to closing, the director of the school was Frank Johnson.

In Shenango, classes were first offered in 1961 at the Hickory Township High School. In 1968, the Shenango Center was relocated to the junior high school at Farrell. For the first year there the Center shared occupancy of the building, but thereafter it was solely the property of the Shenango Center. Bill Utley was the first director of the Center. He was succeeded by Tom Come for three years and then by William Herrmann. The Center closed in 1975.

Bibliographic Information:
Russell Vance, A Portrait of Edinboro; From Private Academy to State College 1856-1976, PSI Publishers, 1977.

Roy Strausbaugh, Edinboro University; An Administrative History, 1963-1993, Edinboro University Services, 1996.

Scope and Content Notes:
There are two series representing the Shenango Campus and the Warren Campus. The documents date from 1967 to 1979 with one photograph of the Warren Campus dating to 1965. There are a small number of administrative documents and several student produced items. Noteworthy is the publication Shenango a booklet that chronicles the ethnic history of the area.

Organization of Collection:
I. Branch Campuses
A. Shenango Valley
B. Warren County

Series Description:

Shenango Branch Campus

This series contains information regarding the Shenango Branch Campus of Edinboro State College. The campus was located in Farrell, Pennsylvania. In 1969-68, the enrollment was 283 students according to the Shenango Enrollment Statistics. Though, in the spring semester, it rose to 295 students. Two years later, there was a memo sent from the Director of the Shenango Campus pertaining to budget requests (1970-71) for a list of repairs and renovations for a newly acquired facility. Also, included in the series is a listing of course offerings (1972-73). There are two publications of Shenango (1975) included in the series. Shenango was a college publication which was the offspring of a course on ethnic studies. Its mission was to increase knowledge and appreciation of ethnic contributions to American society. Ultimately, the publication hoped to give readers a greater respect for life regardless of one’s nationalities and races. A study was done by William M. Herrman in 1971 on the Past, Present, Future of the Shenango Valley Campus. The study focused on the evolution of the campus and concluded that the Shenango Campus was a justifiable and worthy institution. Further, Herrman recommended that a firm and specific policy should be implemented in order to properly develop as a campus. Though, with all of the campus promise, Edinboro State College closed the Shenango Campus in 1975.

Warren Branch Campus

This series contains information regarding the Warren Branch Campus of Edinboro State College. The Warren Campus has an in-depth history that was written by John Mallery in September 1967. This paper discusses the evolution of Warren into a branch campus. To give some perspective of the campus during this time, there are selected registration statistics from 1968-78. These statistics were broken down into various different categories such as gender, race, full time/part time, number of years of school, transfer students, interest in study, etc.
There are proposed detailed course and curriculum descriptions for an associates degree (A.D) in business administration, secretarial science, and law enforcement (criminal justice). These documents are dated in 1974 and the business administration and secretarial science have other undated documents. There is a letter from the Sheriff of Warren County (1974) to the Warren Campus regarding the proposed law enforcement program. He was interested in creating a law enforcement reference library through the campus. Also, he expressed concern about changing the name of the program to criminology or criminal justice. Additionally, there are scheduling books for undergraduate courses from 1976-1978, books from 1975-77 for graduate students, and summer classes in 1976. The campus put in advertisement in the Warren Newspaper Observer in 1977 and there is a poster promoting classes that were being offered at the time. Additionally, there are four brochures about the Warren Campus and what it has to offer to the student. Finally, there is a student handbook from 1969-70 on the library’s rules and regulations.
The majority of the documents found in the series are the student published newspaper. It was called The Voice of the Colony. The newspaper contains articles, editorials, want ads, poetry, etc. The issues of the Voice range from 1969-1974. Also, there is a newsletter called The Highland Piper and it was published by the Warren Campus Clan (WCC). The WCC were a group of alumni who organized different reunions and events. They were dedicated and determined to keep the Warren student population, past and present, in touch with each other.

Finally, there are some newspaper clippings and photographs located in this series. There are eight newspaper articles. Among the eight articles, four were dated between 1975-76. Three of the dated articles were taken from the Warren Times Observer. The source is not identified in the other five articles. The articles mainly focus on registration and how adults are taking advantage of the courses.

There are 25 photographs in this series. Eleven pictures are dated and fourteen are undated. There are eight miscellaneous pictures. The other seventeen pictures have identified the people and places in the photos. Some people include: Dr. McNerney and Thomas R. Miller, former presidents of ESC; Jane Conaway, board member of ESC; Board of Trustees; Frank Johnson, Director of the Campus; Dr. Barbara Baron, Dr. Roy Brant and Dr. Leo Roland, professors; and State Representative Allen in 1971.

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Contents List:


-Shenango Statistics 1967-68
-Memos from the Director of Shenango Campus 1969
-Shenango Valley Center Past, Present, Future 1971
-Shenango Course Offering 1972-1973
-Shenango 1975


-Warren Campus Photos 1965-73? Undated photos
-Warren Campus history 1967
-Memo from Director of Warren Campus 1968
-Warren Campus statistics 1968-79
-Warren Campus Library Student Handbook 1969-70
-Voice of the Colony I 1969-70
-Voice of the Colony II 1971-74
-Course and Curriculum Descriptions 1970-74?undated documents
-Warren Campus Clan (WCC) 1975
-Newspaper Clippings 1975-76? undated documents
-Scheduling at Warren 1975-78
-Class Roster 1977-78
-Campus Brochures [nd]