Edinboro School of Education, 1954-1993

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Inculsive Dates: 1954-1993, bulk of materials 1981-1993.

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Edinboro University Archives
Baron-Forness Library
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Edinboro University
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Acquisition Information: Most materials in this record group have been acquired from the School of Education. Other materials are legacy collections.

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Scope and Content

There are ten series and sub-series in this record group. The largest of them is the Self Study series which has several sub-series each representing the year of the self-study. These years include: 1993, 1987, 1981, and 1965. Self-studies or accreditation reports prior to 1960 are located in the University Record Group. This is because prior to 1960, the school was only able to grant degrees in education. Thus an accreditation for education prior to 1960, was an accreditation that effected the entire school.

Other series in this record group reflect the departments in the School of Education. Most often these are small series and the materials are departmental minutes and the date range is generally early to late 1980's. The publications series contains material produced within the School of Education and relevant to more than one department.

Administrative History

Since Edinboro University's conception it has been a school for teaching, originally as Edinboro Academy, then, shortly after, as the Northwestern State Normal School and then as Edinboro State Teacher's College. The oldest surviving University catalogue is from 1870-1871. There were 10 faculty members and the goal of the school was to give "thorough and systematical instruction in all branches of learning taught in Common Schools." Graduates of the school received a Degree of Bachelor of Elementary Didactics. Given this history, it is not surprising that an Education Department is not listed separately until the 1919-1920 Catalogue. In the 1925-1926 University Catalogue, still under the Education Department, there are listed separate curricula for Elementary and Junior High Education. In the 1970-1971 Catalogue it is listed as the Elementary Education Department under the School of Education and it's offices were soon placed in the newly erected Butterfield Hall.

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Organization of Collection:

Self Studies
  Self Study 1993
  Self Study 1987
  Self Study 1981
  Self Study- PA DEPT. OF Education, 1954-1981
Health and Physical Education
Counselor Education
Elementary Education
Special Education and School Psychology
Educational Services

Contents List

Box Code: EDU 1 Shelf: 122 Sub-Series: Self Study 1993 Introduction & General Standards - Vol I - School Administration - Elementary & Secondary Principals - Vol II Supplemental Material in Support of Vol III Art Education - Vol III Elementary & Secondary Counseling - Vol IV Supplemental Material in Support of Vol V Elementary & Early Childhood Education - Vol V Supplemental Material in Support of Health & Physical Education - Vol VI Supplemental Material in Support of Vol VII Mentally & Physically Handicapped - Vol VII Supplemental Materials in Support of Vol VIII Music Education - Vol VIII Reading Specialist - Vol IX School Psychology - Vol X Secondary Education Certification in French, German, Spanish, English, & Social Studies - Vol XI Supplemental Material in Support of Vol XII Secondary Education Certification in Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Space Science, General Science, Physics, & Math - Vol XII Box Code: EDU 2 Shelf: 122 Sub-Series: Self Study 1993 Supplemental Material in Support of Vol XIII Speech, Language & Hearing Impaired -Vol XIII Supervisory Certification in Art, Communications, Elementary Education, Math, Music, Science, Social Studies, & Special Education - Vol XIV Sub-Series: Self Study 1981 Undergraduate Programs Pt 1A - Feb 1981; Undergraduate Programs Pt 1B - Feb 1981; Graduate Programs Pt 2 - Feb 1981; Faculty Date Sheets Pt 3 - Feb 1981; Sub-Series: Self Study 1987 General Standards Oct 1987 Pt 1 Specific Standards Oct 1987 Pt 2 Teacher Education Faculty Resumes Oct 1987 Pt 3 Follow-Up Studies - 1982 & 1985 Graduate & Undergraduate; Oct 1987 Pt 4 Student Teaching Handbook; Oct 1987 Pt 5 Facility Information for Certification Programs; Oct 1987 Pt 6 Library Allocation Formula 87/88; Oct 1987 Pt 7 Circulation Department Annual Report 7/85-6/86; Oct 1987 Pt 8 Competencies for Teacher Certification; Oct 1987 Pt 9 Programs of Study for Certification Graduate & Undergraduate by Specialization; Oct 1987 Pt 10 PA Dept of Education Competencies Developed for Teacher Certification Programs; Oct 1987 Pt 11 Student Advisement Policies & Procedures; Oct 1987 Pt 12 Summary of Student Teaching Evaluations by Cooperating Teachers & University Supervisors; Oct 1987 Pt 13 Example of Final Education Evaluation Form 86/87 Pt 14 The National Teachers Exam (NTE) Edinboro University Volunteers in Comparison to NTE Mean Scores of the NTE Core Battery & Specialty Area Tests; Oct 1987 Pt 15 Curriculum Committee Index - Academic Year 85/86; Oct 1987 Pt 16 Box: EDU 2A Shelf: 123 Sub-Series : Self Study, 1987 Policies for Implementing Certification Programs for Non-Traditional Students at Edinboro University; Oct 1987 Pt 17 Evaluating Life Experience: A Handbook for Students; Oct 1987 Pt 18 Opportunity College 1987 Pt 19 Course Outlines - Professional Education Core Curriculum; Oct 1987 Pt 20 Sub-Series: Self Study 1987, Supplemental Minutes of University Senate Meetings 8/85-9/87 PDE A1 Departmental Minutes of Educational Services, Elementary Education, Health & Physical Education, & Special Education 1/85-10/87; Oct 1987 PDE A2 Minutes of University Curriculum Committee 1/85-5/87; Oct 1987 PDE A3 Corrections & Additions to Institutional Report; Oct 1987PDE A4 Courses Receiving Presidential Approval 8/85-9/87; Oct 1987 PDE A5 Minutes of Teacher Education Committee 8/86-9/87; Oct 1987 PDE A6 Circulation Department Annual Report 7/86-6/87; Oct 1987 PDE A7 Final Evaluation Forms 1987 NTE Mean scores 1987 Box Code: EDUC 3 Shelf: 122 Series: Health and Physical Education HPE Minutes 1/20/83-12/14/89 Series: Counselor Education Counselor Education Department minutes, 9/5/78-4/22/81 Series: Publications A manual of student teaching, n.d. Follow-up study of Teacher Education graduates 1971 Student teacher manual, 196? Extracurricular program, 1936[?] Placement statistics, 1970 EDIN- modle for certification in elementary education, 1971 Student guide for EDIN modle, 1971 School Psychology program course outlines and inventories, 1972 Proposal MA in rehabilitation counseling, 1973 School of Education Thrust toward excellence task force, final report to president, 1992 Box Code: EDUC 4 Shelf: 123 Sub-Series: Self Study- PA DEPT. OF Education, 1954-1981. Report of Graduate Program Of Edinboro State COllege. 1965 Application for approval of graduate programs Elementary Ed. 1954 Report on Graduate Programs 1965 Report on Graduate Programs 1965 Institutional Self Study for Program Approval. 1976 Report on Review- PA DOE 1976 Response to Evaluation Team 1981 Box Code: EDUC 4a Shelf: 123 Series: Elementary Education Elementary Education minutes 3/20/84-12/5/89 Series: Special Education and School Psychology Special Education and School Psychology minutes 2/10/82-11/21/89 Proposal for program revision 1977 Proposal for continuance, certification of school psychologists, 1975 Box Code: EDUC 5 Shelf: 123 Series: Educational Services Educational Services minutes, 1/14/83-12/8/89 Series: Publications Student teaching handbook 1989 Follow-up study of teacher education graduates 1979 Follow-up study of teacher education graduates 1978 Self-study proposal- BS in Special Education 1977 PA dept. of public instruction- re-evaluation of teacher ed. programs 1963

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