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The Edinboro Digital Initiative, A Cooperative Catalogue is a combined catalog of materials at the Edinboro Area Historical Society, the Goodell Gardens and Homestead and the Edinboro University Archive. While this is not a complete catalog it does offer access to unique materials outside the Baron-Forness Library.

Minutes of the Council of Trustees

Full Text of COT MinutesThis is the longest continuous running collection in the EUP Archive. The minutes date back to 1860. the early years are hand written in legal sized binders and have posed a problem for scanning. The full text of minutes dating back to 1968 are found here. Researchers should note that the minutes do not represent all the reports presented at the meetings and additional documentation may be available by examining the collection. They are part of the Council of Trustee's Record Group in the EUP Archive.

Annual Reports of the President

Full Text of the Annual Report of the President Mr. Foster Diebold was president or Edinboro from 1979-1995. He was president when Edinboro changed status from a State College to a University. The stages of the school's development can be traced in the Full text of Annual Reports. This collection contains 27 annual reports dating back into the 1950's and a typed version of the 1861 report. Except for the 1861 report, which is found in the Vance Collection, the reports are part of the President's Office Record Group.

1912 Birch Rod Documents President Taft Speaking to Edinboro Students

1912 Birch Rod Announces President Taft's Visit to Edinboro The Birch Rod was an early student newspaper. There are only a few issues in existance. This 1912 issue announces President Taft at Edinboro. Taft was in Cambridge for the opening of Polish Alliance College. He was persuaded to come to Edinboro to speak to the students. His speech to the students can be read here. The photograph shows a trolley like the one he rode from Cambridge to Edinboro. The trolley conductor was Ned Goodell. The Birch Rod is located in the Student Newspaper Record Group in the EUP Archive.

The Earliest Catalog

1861-62 Catalog
This is a digital copy of the earliest known Catalog. The 1861-62 Catalog contains a list of facutly, a sketch of the campus, a description of the new "normal" curriculum and more. It is searchable if you click on "Open Full Reader Search" under the "Find" tab. It is part of the EUP Archive Registrar's Record Group.

Other Historic Catalogs can be viewed as well.

The 1856 Articles of Association for Edinboro Academy is viewable here.

For current catalogs click here.

Historic Student Handbooks

Student Handbooks provide a snapshot of life as a student at Edinboro. They include rules, activities, class schedules, fraternities and other organization and more. The handbooks are a series in the Student Affairs record group.

Early Transportation

1903 Trolly Service
The Edinboro Route, 1903 shows the intercity trolly lines between Erie and Edinboro and between Edinboro and Cambridge Springs. It gives maps, times, costs and advertisements of local businesses. This is part of the Hopkins Collection in the EUP Archive.

Murals in Normal Hall

1939 Murals
The Murals of Edinboro, 1939 was first printed in 1939 When Edinboro was a State Teachers College. The murals were painted in Normal Hall (which burned in 1969) by student artists. The murals covered nearly 3,000 square feet of surface. This digital image here is in black and white, as is the book. This item can be found in the Small Collections Record Group in the EUP Archive.

Songs of Edinboro

Songs of Edinboro
Songs of Edinboro, ca. 1913was printed around 1913. There are two editions of this booklet. In what appears to be the original, the songs were arranged and edited by former Edinboro Normal School student Morgan Barnes. Some of the songs are directly related to Edinboro while other are just songs of the time. These booklets can be found in the Hopkins Collection in the EUP Archive.

Normal Dial, 1897-1899

Normal Dial
The Normal Dial was a an early version of Edinboro's student newspaper. The digital versions presented here were published between 1897 and 1899. The original copies are located in the university archive in the student newspaper record group.

Edinboro Normal Review, 1902-1911

Edinboro Normal Review
Included in the student newspaper record group is the Edinboro Normal Review. Inside these booklet style newspapers, is information on campus happenings, alumni accomplishments and whereabouts, books added to the library and more. Written mostly by students it also includes contributions from facutly and the school's principal.

Edinboro Yearbooks

Edinboro State Normal School began publishing a yearbook in 1910. The yearbooks provide a pictorial history of the school. Because of the length of the books, they are divided into several parts to provide for faster loading for remote users. The books are available in the circulating collection and in Special Collections.

Edinboro Band Scrapbooks, 1964-1975

Edinboro Normal Band, ca. 1908
There are three scrapbooks in this collection. They contain newspaper clippings of perfomances, programs, photographs and more. Highlights of these years include trips to Three Rivers Stadium to play during the Steeler half-time and a trip to play in the Harrisburg Capitol Rotunda. The scrapbooks are part of the Music Department's record group.

Edinboro Athletic Programs

First Baseball Team
The athletic programs represent a sampling of all of Edinboro's sports teams. This section of the reading room is still under construction.

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