Lawrence Kupper Photographs

Date finding aid created: September 2012

Title: Lawrence Kupper Photographs, 1890-1920

Inclusive Dates: Printed from glass plate negatives ca. 1991, original negatives date 1890-1920

Creator: Lawrence V. Kupper

Extent: Two 17 X 21" flat boxes

Edinboro University Archive
Baron-Forness Library
200 Tartan Rd.
Edinboro, PA 16444

Scope and Content:
The photographs depict life in Edinboro PA at the turn of the 20th century. There are some images of the Edinboro State Normal School campus, but mostly they are of the town of Edinboro. The images were developed from glass plate negatives as part of a project done by Edinboro faculty John Marsh and Karl Nordberg. The negatives are not in the collection.

Lawrence Vincent Kupper was born October 31, 1864 in Germershire, Germany. He immigrated to New York City and found work as a salesperson for a photographic supply company. In the late 1880's or perhaps early 1890's, he set up a photography shop in Edinboro on Meadville St. He was married in 1895. The 1905 fire destroyed his studio at a loss estimated at $5,000. He reestablished his business in a street-front building just south of Meadville St. Kupper was active in the community being a member of the Oasis Lodge, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and the ruling elder of the Presbyterian Church from 1902-36. After his death in 1957, there was no effort to keep his photographs. At one point they were put out on tables in the church basement and given away to anyone who was interested. Many of Kupper's negatives were acquired by Edinboro University Professors John Marsh and Karl Nordberg. Together they used the photographs to publish "Edinboro: A Dirt Street Town" and "Edinboro: The Journey's End." Kupper had a close relationship with Edinboro State Normal School. He was on the Board of Trustees and he was the primary photographer. Class photographs, yearbook pictures, and photographs appearing in the catalogs were frequently taken by Kupper.

Controled Access Terms:
Edinboro, PA
Street photography
Edinboro, Lake
Edinboro State Normal School
Electric railroads-Cars

Content List:

Shelf: P 4
Box: Kupper 1
1. Missing
2. Famous number 4 street car headed for Cambridge Springs
3. College students going home for the week-end
4. Waldo F. 'Pop' Bates - Art Instructor - 1920
5. Old mill & bridge in horse and wagon days
6. The Biggers House - now owned by James Coffman - corner Meadville & Normal Sts. This picture taken during Cleveland-Stevenson presidential campaign in 1892
7. Culbertson Hills club house
8. 'Joe College' Edinboro of 1910 Charley Otto
9. 'Betty Co-Ed' Edinboro of 1910
10. May Day program alongside old science hall
11. May pole dance on Arbor Day about 1913
12. Lakeside Theater showing Erie flood in 1913 - now the Edinboro Bakery Carl Doolittle in cart
13. Nettie Wade at home - White's corners - Hobbs Lumber area
14. Meadville St. before 1900 - old post office & masonic hall to right - savings bank to left
15. This picture dated at 1908
16. Devastation created by fire of 1909
17. Meadville St. looking north - 1918
18. Street car on siding by old post office
19. Meadville St. looking south before 1900 20. Annual Edinboro fair parade coming down Meadville St.
21. Street car station in Cambridge Springs
22. Edinboro street car station - left / typical cold Edinboro winter scene
23. Edinboro community day about 1920
24. Erie RR depot in Cambridge Springs about 1905 - train heading east
25. 4th of July celebration - boat house by old cemetery
26. Famous Kupper pictures around the lake
27. Ox-team days in Edinboro about 1900
28. Edinboro class groups - 1906 to 1910 original prints as Kupper made them
29. The remarkable L.V. Kupper in 1910
30. Titusville oil well area about 1890
31. Ruins of post office Bartley's store & drug store after fire in 1909
32. Exterior of present Lutheran church in 1900/interior view
33. Kemis club catching turtles in Edinboro lake - often shipped to Pittsburgh
34. Fishing in Edinboro lake was much better in the old days
35. Street car stop by the boat house on the lake
36. All aboard for Erie - notice absence of trees toward sunset heights
37. Franklin cars in back of J.T. Bartleys
38. Earl Campbell hauling hay with overland car
39. Anyone know where this was taken
40. Boat livery at the outlet
41. Memorial Day parade - 1915
42. Edinboro town band celebrates arrival of VIP

Shelf: P 4
Box: Kupper 2
43. 4th of July boat races at old mill bridge - blacksmith shop at left
44. Square sail style boat
45. Ox-team days in Edinboro about 1900
46. Public baptism in progress below old mill bridge - around 1900
47. Old south hall dormitory - front & rear
48. This dormitory located in parking lot area back of Haven Hall
49. Street cars stopped where Western Auto is today
50. Big sale day see right
51. New building block in 1910 following fire
52. Kellogg's big sale after re-building following 1909 fire
53. 1916 Edinboro football team
54. Edinboro art dept. on 3rd floor of Normal Hall - 1920
55. Old North Hall - part of lower section is now White Hall
56. 1916 Edinboro basketball team - Stew Graham coach
57. Laying pavement on Meadville St. - about 1920
58. Meadville St. before 1895 in high wheel bicycle days
59. Old mill & bridge at outlet - about 1900
60. Meadville St. north - before 1900 & street cars - notice Cutler Hotel to upper right
61. Samples of photo composition in Kupper pictures of Edinboro Lake
62. Kitchen stove in the Kupper house
63. Mr. Kupper's pet cat
64. Frank Smith - early Edinboro farmer
65. Romaine Billings feeding chickens
66. Ox-cart days in Edinboro over 50 years ago
67. Touring car group - about 1910
68. 'Tin Lizzie' - 1920
69. Edinboro public school about 1915 teachers - F. Burchfield, J. Gillespie, R. Austin, Maude Howard
70. Todd and George Goodell Sr. - early residents
71. Todd Goodell - sheep farmer - about 1910
72. 1910 Edinboro class group
73. 1917 Edinboro class group
74. Edinboro YWCA members
75. Edinboro faculty - 1913 - includes Ellen Sullivan, Elizabeth Roberts, Annie Wilson, Mary Powell, Mrs. Tanner, Prof. Baker, LA Bounty, Sackett, Mildred Hamm, Ayers, Hanson, Siddell, Frost, Thomas, Barnes, Foster, Walk
76. Junior high class in front of Voc-Ag Bldg, Recognize anyone
77. Edinboro 'model' school about 1910
78. 1905 auto in front of president's house
79. 1905 auto in front of home in McKean
80. Mrs. Helen Dundon Rye drives an air-cooled Franklin along Water St. extension / this extension of Water St. was known as 'Lover's Lane'
81. Presbyterian Church Sunday school class - Wilbur Billings as teacher
82. Edinboro band of 1908 - Ira Eakin conductor
83. William Jennings Bryan arriving to deliver an assembly address about 1909 Prof. Bigler left/ Park Skelton right
84. Meadville St. south about 1919
85. L.V. Kupper in full masonic dress
86. Catching the big ones in Edinboro Lake - D.R. Harter
87. Edinboro classes - 1915-1917
88. Edinboro girl's basketball team - 1916 S. Graham - coach
89. Edinboro basketball team - 1911
90. Edinboro baseball team - 1913
91. Mr. and Mrs. L.V. Kupper in front of home
92. Robt. And Nettie Wade home at White's Corners
93. Old Presbyterian parsonage at left - side road leading to High St.
94. Prof Ghering & wife - Dr. Harold, Boyd, and Mabel Grandquist
95. Mrs. Southwick's boarding house group - the Halmi Home today
96. Science Hall/left - Haven Hall/right - Arbor Day program
97. Edinboro YMCA group 1914
98. Edinboro campus about 1905 - notice old wooden dormitories
99. 'Sox' Harrison in his prime 50 years ago

100. Arc welding on street car tracks - Agnew Store left/ Kupper house right
101. Annual 4th of July boat races
102. Annual bob-sled ride from Edinboro College to Cambridge Springs
103. Prof & Mrs. Stover and Grace out for a ride in a 'cutter'
104. Edinboro library in 1912
105. Edinboro library - 2nd floor - Normal Hall
106. Destructive ice storm of 1911 - notice old science hall & dormitory
107. Campus criss-cross before the auditorium
108. Edinboro daily chapel with the faculty on the stage
109. Old auditorium on 2nd floor rear of Normal Hall

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