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Series: Budget Information, Library Awards, Record of Books Borrowed, Photographs, Pa Master Plan, Correspondence, Department Meetings, Library Publications, Internal Administration, Development & Building of Baron Forness Library, Development & Building of Baron Forness Library, Acquisition Record Books

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Scope and Content

The entirety of library records is found in this Record Group. There are no restrictions on library records other than standard archives guidelines.

Though established in the 1860's, the earliest library records begin in 1901 with the accessions record book. There is a fairly complete line of budget documents beginning in 1929.

Also beginning in 1929, is the correspondence. The bulk of this ends in 1940. It was during this period that the Edinboro library operated a Rural Library when boxes of books were shipped to one room schools for specified loan periods.

There is a considerable amount of material on the building of the Baron-Forness Library. Documents can be found from the earliest conceived plans to final building.

Administrative History

The 1857 Normal School Act states, "each school shall contain a library room, for the accumulation of books and for the full use of the students." As Edinboro received accreditation as a Normal School in 1861, it is reasonable to believe that a library existed at that time.

In his book on Edinboro, Russell E. Vance Jr., writes that the original library was comprised of books from Professor Cooper's library, for which the trustees paid $137.14. In 1861, the trustee's appropriated a total of $500 for library acquisitions.

By 1866, there existed four "libraries" (as the school catalogs name them), a general circulatory library, a reference library, a Sunday school library, and a textbook library. At this early date, it appears that the library occupied only one room in Academy Hall. The term, "libraries" probably refers only to different collections, not libraries separated by walls.

The 1878-79 catalog gives the first reference to a librarian, though it gives no name. The next catalog writes that Miss Emma McWilliams is the librarian. Miss McWilliams had been an arithmetic teacher.

Clara McCoy succeeded McWilliams the following year. At this time, the collection was organized into fourteen categories; 1) Works of reference, 2) Works upon teaching, 3) Periodical Literature, 4) Biography, 5) Travel, 6) History, 7) General Literature, 8) Science, 9) Poetry, 10) Fiction, 11) Mental Science, 12) Social and Political Economy, 13) Agriculture and the Arts, 14) Miscellaneous.

Having begun as librarian in 1880-81, Clara McCoy does not appear in the 1892-93 catalog which lists the position as "to be supplied." This is the year Principal Joseph Cooper was fired and an exodus of student and faculty resulted.

Frances E. Adams is appointed in 1893-94 and is succeeded the next year by William Most. It is then, 1895, that the Dewey Decimal System is first mentioned. The introduction of this system would mean an end to the previous arrangement of fourteen categories.

Miss Annie L. Wilson, who had been the school's secretary, became the librarian in 1902. Miss Wilson was still the librarian, in 1914 when, for the first time, a division is made between "officers of the school" and faculty. Miss Wilson is listed under both categories.

Miss Wilson is named as librarian until the 1923-24 catalog when Ivan Case is named librarian. This is also the year that Mildred Forness appears in the catalog. Justina Baron appears as an assistant librarian in 1925. Two years later she moved to the Erie branch to become the librarian.

In 1927-28, Donna E. Sullivan becomes the librarian. Miss Forness takes over head librarian responsibilities in 1929 and continues until the Summer of 1967 when Hwa-Wei Lee assumes the head librarian job. Mr. Lee's tenure ended in 1969 when Saul Weinstein took over as acting head librarian, eventually to reign until Summer 1991.

Barbara Grippe and John Flemming succeeded Weinstein as acting co-directors. This lasted until November 1991. Barbara Grippe then assumed sole responsibility as acting director.

Dr. Donald Dilmore came to Edinboro from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell. He became the director in May of 1992. In the Summer of 1994, the title Director of Libraries was changed to Assistant Vice President for Libraries.

Librarian Status

Beginning in 1914, the school catalogs began to classify employees as faculty and "officers of the school." From that time to the present, classification of librarians has changed several times.

In 1919, the position of librarian is listed as both "officer" and "faculty." The college again changes the way it classifies its employees in 1929 by using the heading "faculty - administration" and "college faculty." Librarians are listed under "college faculty." From 1934 to 1940 there is a shifting status between administration and a hybrid classification of both administration and faculty. This flip-flopping continues until 1950, except for 1940-41. In this year they are given the heading "non-instructional staff."

From 1950-1962, librarians are only categorized as faculty. In 1962 there is a short lived classification of "library staff", falling neither under faculty or administration. This was not seen after 1964. From this point to the present, the head librarian, Director, or Assistant Vice President for Libraries is listed with the administration and the librarians are given faculty status.

Location History

The earliest reference to a library location is found in the Pennsylvania School Journal, January 1862. Here, Academy hall is described as having 3 rooms on each floor. One of those rooms on the first floor was reserved for "Library and Apparatus."

In 1880, the library moved to Assembly Hall, then renamed Library Hall. It occupied the second floor, a room 42' x 64'.

This is also the year Academy Hall was moved from Meadville Street to its present location. Six years later the Normal Guards were formed. This student military group maintained an armory on the first floor of the Library Hall.

Another move occurred in 1890. This change of address took the library to what was then known as "the new building." We now know this as Normal Hall. Upon leaving, Library Hall changed its name to Examination Hall. The new library room in Normal Hall was only slightly larger than before, 50' x 65' x 16'.

The library stayed in Normal Hall until 1961 when it moved into the George E. Hamilton Library. This building unlike the others, was built specifically to house only a library. The designed capacity was for 100,000 books.

Only 16 years later, the library was found to be undersized and another library was opened, the Baron-Forness Library.

Named after Mildred Forness and Justina Baron, librarians at Edinboro, this seven story structure is still being used as a library.

This completes the route of the main library. There is another library of Edinboro University that has served the Model School and student teachers. Until 1940, the Model School was in close proximity to the main library. It is probable that the Model School was served by the main library. The 1940 college catalog reports that the Laboratory School had moved form Normal Hall, where the library was, to a new building on Normal Street, Compton Hall. By 1945, the college catalogs began referring to branch libraries. "Located in the Training School and Loveland Hall to administer the specific needs of these groups." At this time, Loveland housed the Art and Science Departments. Reference to these 2 libraries is last found in the 1957-58 catalog.

While there is no further reference to the library in Loveland, the Model School, or Laboratory School as it is sometimes called, maintained its library while moving to the Miller Research-Learning Center. This occurred in 1971 and it is still there as of this writing.

The Erie branch of Edinboro Normal School, was opened in 1921, closed in 1931. This branch had a library that was headed by Justina Baron.

For a time, there were 2 branch campuses, one in Warren PA, the other in Farell PA. At the Shenango Campus in Farell, the library "consisted of one shelf of books" in Hickory Township High School. By 1965, this collection grew to 1,500 books and occupied a storage closet. By 1971, the library grew to 10,000 volumes, occupying space on the second floor.

At the Warren campus, the library occupied space on one of the upper floors of the downtown building. When the school moved to the renovated Farm Colony of Warren State Hospital, it occupied a portion of the second floor. The circulation desk from this library is now in the University Archives.

Box: library 1

Series: Budget Information

Series Description: This series contains various library budget materials from 1929 thru 1989.

- Library Budget 1980
- Budget Material EUP 1987 thru 1988; 1988 thru 1989
- Budget Material EUP 1984, 1985
- Budget Material EUP 1988, 1989
- Library Budget 1981, 1982
- Library Budget 1978, 1979
- Library Budget 1976, 1977
- Library Budget 1975, 1976
- Library Budget 1974, 1975
- Library Budget 1973, 1974
- Library Budget 1972, 1973
- Library Budget 1971, 1972
- Library Budget 1970, 1971
- Book Expenditures by Dept. 1966 thru 1970
- Library Budget 1969, 1970
- Library Budget 1968, 1969
- Library Budget 1966, 1967
- Budget Allocations 1964, 1965
- Budget Allocations 1963, 1964
- Library Budget 1961 thru 1963
- Library Budget Account 1959
- Ledger 1959 thru 1962
- Library Budget 1957, 1958
- Library Budget 1955, 1956
- Budget Accounts 1955
- Budget 1953 thru 1956
- Library Budget 1937, 1938
- Library Budget 1929 thru 1940

Series Name: Library Awards

Series Description: Contained in this series are awards presented to the library. Awards range from achievement awards to dedication plaques.

- Commendation for Cataloging, 1981, 1980 - Correctional Education Association, 1986 - From Gannon College on the Dedication of the Baron Forness Library, 1977
- National Library Week Award, 1965 - PA Library Association Achievement Award 1972, 1971, 1968, 1967, 1966
- Presented to Mildred Forness in recognition of 45 years of dedication to ESC, May 24, 1969 - Presented to Mildred Forness by the staffs of Hamilton Library and Library Science Dept of ESC on May 18, 1969 (separate plate)

Series Name: Record of Books Borrowed

Series Description: This series contains a record of the books borrowed from 1939 thru 1941.

- Books Borrowed 1939, 1940 & 1940, 1941

Series Name: Photographs

Series Description: Contained in this series are photographs relating to Edinboro College.

- Faculty/Staff photos
- Photos 1976
- Wood Photo Display 1983
- Mitra Mural
- Photo Album (separate straw book)

Series Name: Pa Master Plan

Series Description: Contained in this series is the Master Plan for Library Development In PA.

- Master Plan for Library Development in PA by State Library

Series Name: Correspondence

Series Description: Contained in this series are different correspondences throughout the library. Faculty packets as well as incoming and outgoing correspondences are contained.

- Rural Library 1934 thru 1935
- Librarian Correspondence 1929 thru 1940 (outgoing)
- Librarian Correspondences 1929 thru 1940 (incoming)
- Correspondences 1940
- Faculty Packets 1973 thru 1983
- Faculty Packets 1990 thru 1991
- Library Section of Conference of Facilities of the State Teachers Colleges of PA

Box: library 1 & 2

Series Name: Department Meetings

Series Description: This series contains department and faculty meeting minutes of the library.

- Library APSCUF Representative Memo
- Position Papers (Re: Longer Hours)
- Library Minutes, 3/22/83 thru 8/28/89
- Friends of the Library, 1980
- Technical Services Meeting Minutes
- Non professional staff meetings 1966 thru 1967
- Professional Staff Meetings
- Readers' Services Minutes 1968, 1969
- Minutes of Library Committee Meeting 1934 thru 1941
- Reader Services Meeting Minutes, 1975 thru 1984
- Library Faculty Meeting Minutes 1973 thru 1986
- Faculty meetings 1965 thru 1981
- Faculty Minutes 1989 thru 1990
- Library Staff Association
- Constitution and By laws Staff Association of EUP Libraries

Box: library 2

Series Name: Library Publications

Series Description: Contained in this series are various publications dealing with the library. These range from newsletters to handbooks.

- User Guides for Hamilton Library
- Library Student Assistance Handbook
- Library Newsletter
- Annual Report, 1993, 1994
- Annual Report, 1994, 1995
- Annual Report, 1995, 1996
- Annual Report, 1996, 1997
- Annual Report, 1997, 1998
- Library Annual Report, 1969, 1970
- Standards for College Libraries; ACRL, 1975
- Groundbreaking Ceremony
- WPA Project, J Sharpe: PL #7723, 5/23/38 thru 1/15/39
- Anna Quirk Collection
- Room Dedications: Ruth Morton Harris, Theo Sabin Meyer, & Dorthy Hand Tribute

Series Name: Internal Administration

Series Description: Contained in this series are different reports coming from within the library. Statistics, plans, charts, job descriptions, and memos are some of the main items.

- NCATE Evaluation Report, 1980
- 1949 Library Report (Middle States?)
- Floor Plan, Hamilton Library
- Planning for Hamilton Library
- Monthly Report of Branch Librarian to Chief Librarian
- Library Statistics
- Job Descriptions
- Plan for Moving Hamilton to Baron Forness
- Receipts
- Archives
- Library Organizational Chart
- Evaluation Committee of Hamilton Library
- Memos From Library Director
- Warren Campus
- Shenango Campus
- Charging Desk duties [197?]
- User Survey, 1997

Series Name: Development & Building of Baron Forness Library

Series Description: The contents of this series deals with the building development of Baron Forness Library. Included in this series are drafts, architectural drawings, estimates, reports, and correspondences.

- Dedication of Barron Forness Library, 1977
- Dept of Education, Division of Physical Plant and Construction
- General State Authority Planning Directive
- Mosler Co. Correspondence
- H Platt Co. Correspondence
- Dept of Education
- PA Dept of General Services Correspondence
- Library Architect Correspondence
- GTE Correspondence
- Richard E Kehewco Correspondence
- Sears Correspondence
- General State Authority Correspondence
- Architect Drawings, Baron Forness
- Architect Drawings, Baron Forness
- Preliminary Submission Booklet for a new library at ESC, May 28, 1969
- Preliminary Submission Booklet for a new library at ESC, set no. 11, June 12, 1972
- Preliminary Submission Booklet for a new library at ESC, set no. 10, June 12, 1972
- Project Directive Sketch Submission for a new library at ESC, set no. 9, January 14, 1972
- Project Directive Revised Sketch Submission for a new library at ESC, set no. 12, February 8, 1972
- Memorandum Booklet from Hwa-Wei Lee, July 29, 1968
- Preplanning Directive Booklet for a new library at ESC, January 29, 1969
- Project Directive Sketch Submission for a new library at ESC, February 26, 1969
- Edinboro College Library, Edinboro, Pennsylvania, Structural Design Calculations, April 27, 1973
- Architect Drawings, Baron Forness
- Architect Drawings, Baron Forness
- Architect Drawings, Baron Forness & Click Photos
- Elevator RFP for Baron Forness
- Cost Estimate & Design Data for Baron Forness
- Bids for Construction of Baron Forness
- Job Conference Reports of Baron Forness Library
- Draft of Proposed Library
- Slides of early plans

Box: library 3

Series Name: Development & Building of Baron Forness Library

Series Description: This series also deals with the development of Baron Forness Library. Construction Plans, Heating, Air conditioning, Plumbing, and electric construction are contained here.

- General Construction for Library at ESC
- General Construction for Library at ESC 10/18/73
- General Construction for Library at ESC
- General Construction for Library at ESC
- General Construction for Library at ESC
- Heating & Ventilating Construction for Library at ESC
- Heating & Air Conditioning Construction for ESC 12/12/69
- Electrical Construction for Library at ESC
- Plumbing Construction for Library
- Plumbing Construction for Library at ESC 12/12/69
- Electric & Electric Heat Construction for ESC 12/12/69

Box: These are separate books and not in a box.

Series Name: Acquisition Record Books

Series Description: None.

- Accessions Book used from June 8, 1901 to May 2, 1921
- Acquisition/Withdrawal Record book, 1940 thru 1963