Box:Photos 1

Groups of Buildings

1- Ariel View-1945 [Ariel view of campus]
2- Untitled Photograph [Ariel view of Edinboro]
3- View of the buildings and Grounds of the State Normal School [Drawing]
4- State Normal School, Edinboro, Edinboro [Drawing]
5- Helen D. Rye [Not a picture of a person] [Edinboro School Buildings] [Drawing]

Individual Buildings

1- Academy Hall 7B [Equipment]
2- Academy Hall #17B [Classroom]
3- Picture of a design of new Edinboro Univ. Library [ Drawing of the Baron-Forness Library]
4- Centennial Hall- Russell Wood Photo
5- College Union- Russell Wood Photo
6- Cooper Hall- Russell Wood Photo
7- Cooper Hall- Russell Wood Photo
8- Crawford Gym- Russell Wood Photo
9- Dearborn Hall- Russell Wood Photo
10- Earp Hall- Russell Wood Photo
11- East Hall- Russell Wood Photo
12- Edin Hall- Russell Wood Photo
13- Hamilton Library- Later Hamilton Hall
14- Haven Hall- From the Dark Room at Edinboro State College- Jon K. Shallop- Paul F. Rose
15- Haven Hall
16- Alumni Luncheon at Haven Hall
17- Meal at Haven Hall
18- Heather Hall- Russell Wood Photo
19- Keystone Mills- P.C. Harned Mg’r
20- Manor Hall- Russell Wood Photo
21- Memorial Auditorium- Russell Wood Photo
22- Building Power Plant
23- Building Power Plant
24- Building of Power Plant
25- Building Power Plant
26- Power Plant
27- Edinboro State College- Recitation Hall
28- Reeder Hall- Russell Wood Photo
29- Rose Hall- Russell Wood Photo
30- Scot Hall- Russell Wood Photo


1- Book Week 1932- Books for Younger America
2- Book Week 1932- Books for Youngest America
3- Untitled Photograph [Ditch being dug]
4- Untitled Photograph [Drill on back of a truck]
5- Possibly one of the first colorization photos of Kupper [Man with boat overlooking lake]


1- Dana Blair, Fairview, PA- In College in Philadelphia 1901- E.S.N.S. ‘98- Alumni [Kupper Photo]
2- Jessie Altabelle Bole, Edinboro, P.A- E.S.N.S 1899- "Philo"- Alumni [Kupper Photo]
3- Alice Brightman, Randolph, Crawford Co., PA- E.S.N.S. ‘98- Mrs. Henry Buxton, Titusville, PA-23 and 63 [Kupper Photo]
4- Daisy Bryan, McKean, Erie Co., PA-E.S.N.S. ’98 Alumni [Kupper Photo]
5- T.H. Ellsworth- Mohawk, PA - Alumni [Kupper Photo]
6- Annette Graham- Corry, PA- E.S.N.S. 1898 - Alumni [Kupper Photo]
7- Grace McBride- Minneapolis, MN- E.S.N.S.- 1898- Alumni [Kupper Photo]
8- Arthur McCommons- Class of 1910 [Kupper Photo]
9- Nathan Phillips- Girard, PA E.S.N.S. ‘98- Alumni [Kupper Photo]
10- Jane Ward- Elk Co., PA- E.S.N.S- ‘98- Alumni [Kupper Photo]
11- Harley Wood, Pres- McKean, Erie., PA -E.S.N.S.- 1898- Alumni [Kupper Photo]
12- Class reunion, [1950's?], President Tom Miller in Photo

Attended McNerney Inaugural

1- Dr. P. Milo Bail- Pres. Emeritus of Omaha University at McNerney Inaugural Luncheon
2- McNerney Inaugural-ESC Symposium- Marian Carter, Gibsonia, PA
3- Played at McNerney Inaugural- Warren Covington and his Orchestral
4- Played at McNerney Inaugural- Cathee and Warren Covington
5- McNerney Inaugural- Mr. Gabreski
6- Mr. G. McKee- Member of McNerney Inaugural Committee
7- Mcnerney Inaugural- ESC Symposium- John Moore, Greenville, PA
8- Irving Olds Murphy at McNerney Inaugural Luncheon
9- Mr. Westley Reitze- Member of McNerney Inaugural Committee

Identified People

1- Clayton Baker [Man, Woman, Two Children]
2- William Jennings Bryan arrives on the Edinboro Trolley for an early century visit to the college. Another noted visitor of the period was President Taft who arrived in 1913 and viewed an Allegheny-Edinboro football clash. [Kupper Photo]
3- Hazel Durham Cameron [Kupper Photo]
4- Will Most [Kupper Photo]

Identified- Group

1- Class Reunion- 1900
2- Photo Stamps by Kupper of Edinboro, Pa
3- Model School, Edinboro State Normal School
4- Beaver County Chapter, ESC Alumni Association 1958- Thomas Miller ESC President (far left)
5- Personnel Deans ESC 1978- located in box 1A

University Employees

1- 1946 Edinboro Faculty gathered for group picture- Frank Schauble Studios, 113 W. 10th St., Erie PA. Phone: 24-268- Commercial and Portrait Photography
2- Justina Baron
3- Justina Baron
4- Mildred Forness
5- Mildred Forness
6- Olivia J. Thomas- Head of Music Dept. [Kupper Photo]

University Presidents

1- Principal 1896- 99- John Elickinger- Percent, 82% - Highlight, .22-Shadow, .79- Flash, 0- Main, 8-FF, 033-P.140A, 139-72%
2- Chester McNerney
3- Lyman Van Houghton
4- Lyman Van Houghton
5- President Van Houghton Addressing Bon Fire

Box:Photos 1A

Identified Groups
5- Personnel Deans ESC 1978
6- Edinboro Public School 'Senior Clas' 1897

Class Photographs
1- Summer Class 1892- Edinboro, PA
2- Class photo of Edinboro State Normal School of 1902- Kupper collection
3- Class photo of Edinboro State Normal School of 1909- Kupper collection
4- Class photo of Edinboro Normal School of 1910 [ Among the graduates, William Baron (Miss Baron’s brother) in the front row [no. 7]
5- Class photo of Edinboro Normal School Spring Term- 1915

Box:Photos 2


1- Untitled [Academy Hall]
2- Untitled [Academy Hall]
3- Untitled [aerial view of campus]
4- Untitled [aerial view of campus]
5- Untitled [aerial view of campus in winter]
6- Untitled [aerial view of campus with buildings numbered] located in box 1A
7- Untitled [aerial view of Edinboro]
8- Untitled [aerial view of lakeside in 1950]
9- Untitled [Butterfield Education Hall]
10- Edinboro State College- Southwest Campus [aerial view]
11- 225-Gymnasium, Normal School, Edinboro, PA [Now Center for Performing Arts] [postcard to Miss Esther Harwood, Wattsburg, PA]
12- Mr. Arthur B. Greene, North East, PA-225 Gymnasium, Normal School, Edinboro, PA [Now Center for Performing Arts] [postcard to Mr. Arthur B. Greene, North East]
13- Gymnasium-Edinboro State Normal School [Now Center for Performing Arts] [drawing]
14- Untitled [Center for Performing Arts]
15- Untitled [Center for Performing Arts] missing?
16- a/b- Untitled [negative image of the Center for Performing Arts in winter] [two copies]
17- Untitled [Ceramics building in winter]
18- Untitled [Compton Hall and Academy Hall]
19- Dearbon Hall- Fall, 1964 [incorrect-construction of Earp Hall]
20- Untitled [Doucette Hall in winter]
21- 222- Dormitory, State Normal School, Edinboro, PA [Haven Hall] [postcard to Mr. Arthur Greene, North East, PA]
22- 222- Dormitory, State Normal School, Edinboro, PA [Haven Hall] [postcard to Miss Elsie Carroll]
23- Haven Hall
24- Haven Hall- The girls' dormitory
25- Untitled [Haven Hall]
26- Mr. Arthur Green-217 West 3rd St. - Erie, PA [Haven Hall]
27- Untitled- Oct.1952 [Heather Hall]
28- Untitled [drawing of proposed undergraduate library]
29- Untitled [Memorial Auditorium]
30- Untitled [Memorial Auditorium]
31- Untitled [Memorial Auditorium]
32- Untitled [Memorial Auditorium and Recitation Hall]
33- Untitled [Memorial Auditorium in winter]
34- Untitled [Normal Hall]
35- Untitled [Normal Hall]
36- Untitled [Merry Christmas sign in front of Normal Hall]
37- Untitled [Normal Hall and birch tree]
38- Untitled [State Normal School, Edinboro, PA [Drawing of Normal Hall]
39- Post office in Edinboro
40- Recitation Hall, Edinboro State Normal School [post card to Mr. Arthur Greene, Erie, PA] missing?
41- Untitled [Recitation Hall]
42- Untitled [Recitation Hall in winter]
43- Untitled [Recitation Hall in winter]
44- Untitled [Reeder Hall]
45- Dining Hall at Edinboro State College [Ross Hall]
46- Untitled [Construction of Rose Hall]
47- Oct. 10,1961 [Construction of Ross Hall]
48- Untitled [ariel view of football field]
49- post card- front of campus[ donated by Miss Miriam Goldstein,4/94]
50- Untitled [aerial view of campus]
51- Untitled [aerial view of campus]
52- Untitled [aerial view of Reeder Hall]
53- Untitled [aerial map of campus] located in box 1A
54- Ariel view Edinboro University, cerca 1983


1- 1909 Class
2- 1962- Jim Harrison making a presentation to a pretty co-ed.
3- The Andrew Dundons [two little girls]
4- Christmas 1964- David, Jamie, Elizabeth, and Lewis Thompson [Christmas Photo from Martha and David Thompson]
5- Class of 1907-May 1952
6- Daughters of Mrs. Reno [two little girls]
7- Edinboro Normal Band '08
8- Edinboro State Normal School- Class of 1894 located in box 1A
9- Edinboro State Normal School- Class rooster on back- located in box 1A
10- Ernest, Elsie, and Pee wee LaFollette
11- Freshmen 1946
12- Jim Ploski, Sally Frobese, Eleanor Fairchild Judy Drake
13- Left-?, Middle- Chuck Babbitt, right- Sue Shallcross
14- Mrs. Reno, Mrs. Greenwood
15- On right- Jim Coffman-Science Teacher [talking to a group of five men and women]
16- Picnic at Jack's in Meadville
17- Press Club- 1. A. Block 2. June Burkett 3. Warren Anna 4. Nancy Seay 5. Eunice Herron 6. Evelyn Glenn 7. Harold Stoops 8. Hazel Dennion 9. Mary Esther Dailey 10. Donna Bertram 11. Dorothy Williams
12. blank 13. Reed Stoops
18- Untitled [Class of 1907-banquet]
19- Untitled [fraternity photo]
20- Untitled [Justina Baron, fourth from left]
21- Gift of Mrs. Steven Harvey; March 1994
22- Ace Dittullio and Dez Creeham at Old Union
23- band practice


1- 1949 N.Y.C [three women]
2- 1981 [dinner]
3- 1981 [four women]
4- 1981 [group photo]
5- 1981 [man and three women]
6- Edinboro Normal School- Spring Term 1915- located in box 1A
7- Our Family
8- Untitled [all women]
9- Untitled [audience]
10- Untitled [cheerleaders-six]
11- Untitled [children]
12- Untitled [drama characters]
13- Untitled [Edinboro sports team]
14- Untitled [five men]
15- Untitled [football players along the sideline]
16- Untitled [football players along the sideline]
17- Untitled [football team]
18- Untitled [football team]
19- Untitled [formal couple]
20- Untitled [four men]
21- Untitled [four men singing]
22- Untitled [four womem-4 copies]
23- Untitled [group coming out of building]
24- Untitled [group in front of Memorial Auditorium]
25- Untitled [group outside Recitation Hall]
26- Untitled [group photo] located in box 1A
27- Untitled [group photo]
28- Untitled [group photo]
29- Untitled [group photo]
30- Untitled [group photo]
31- Untitled [group photo taken in Crawford Gym-2 copies]
32- Untitled [group standing beside the Alumni tent]
33- Untitled [group walking on campus]
34- Untitled [group with a girl in a gown being crowned]
35- Untitled [majorettes-four]
36- Untitled [majorettes-eight]
37- Untitled [majorettes-eight]
38- Untitled [majorettes-nine]
39- Untitled [man and three women]
40- Untitled [man and three women looking at book]
41- Untitled [man and three women looking at magazine]
42- Untitled [man and two women]
43- Untitled [man and two women]
44- Untitled [man and two women looking at paperwork]
45- Untitled [man and two women looking at pictures]
46- Untitled [man and woman beside a float]
47- Untitled [man and woman looking at pictures]
48- Untitled [man with scroll reading to woman]
49- Untitled [people looking at art]
50- Untitled [people seated on a platform with a speaker at the podium]
51- Untitled [same as 'Our Family' listed previously- 3 copies]
52- Untitled [swimmers]
53- Untitled [tennis team]
54- Untitled [three children, boy and two girls]
55- Untitled [three children, two boys and one girl]
56- Untitled [three women]
57- Untitled [three women in leotards and skirts near a swimming pool]
58- Untitled [twelve women in costume]
59- Untitled [two football players]
60- Untitled [two men]
61- Untitled [two men and one woman]
62- Untitled [two men and two women]
63- Untitled [two men and two women looking at pictures]
64- Untitled [two men on diving board]
65- Untitled [two men on steps of a building]
66- Untitled [two swimmers]
67- Untitled [two women]
68- Untitled [two women in leotards and swimming caps]
69- Untitled [two women looking at greeting cards]
70- Untitled [two women riding a bicycle]
71- Untitled [two sitting on a picnic table with a baby]
72- Untitled [wrestling team]
73- Untitled [three women and one man]
74- Untitled [two couples playing cards]
75- Untitled [seven women]


1- 1905 Waiting for the milk run at the Trolley Station on Meadville Street
2- 1960- Bonfire at Sunday night Vesper Service during Freshman Orientation behind Crawford Gym. missing?
3- Commencement-May 28,1951
4- Don Philabaum- Line- Negative- Edinboro State College Commencement-August 26, 1978 [series of proofs for a commencement] located in box 1A
5- Edinboro, PA- August 26,1916 [Edinboro street scene in front of Grant U. Hopkins store]
6- Slides [envelope of slides containing various campus scenes and Homecoming 1968 shots]
7- Untitled [aerial view of Edinboro area] located box 1A
8- Untitled [arch near Meadville Street in winter]
9- Untitled [bulldozer outside Centennial Hall]
10- Untitled [bulldozer outside Loveland Hall]
11- Untitled [chair]
12- Untitled [Commencement scene]
13- Untitled [Construction at site of present-day Dearborn Hall]
14- Untitled [Construction machinery next to Centennial Hall]
15- Untitled [Contractor sign at the site of present-day Hamilton Hall]
16- Untitled [dining room]
17- Untitled [ditch near Hamilton and Loveland Halls]
18- Untitled [dorm room]
19- Untitled [Edinboro and Indiana basketball game]
20- Untitled [Edinboro and Indiana basketball game]
21- Untitled [Edinboro and Indiana basketball game]
22- Untitled [Edinboro and Indiana basketball game]
23- Untitled [Edinboro and Indiana basketball game]
24- Untitled [Edinboro street scene containing the Ford dealer and Grant U. Hopkin's store]
25- Untitled [Edinboro winter street scene]
26- Untitled [football game]
27- Untitled [football game near Hamilton Hall]
28- Untitled [football game near Hamilton Hall]missing?
29- Untitled [horse-drawn covered wagon that says 'Upper Canada Wagon Train' on the side]
30- Untitled [horse-drawn covered wagons]
31- Untitled [horse-drawn covered wagons]
32- Untitled [horse-drawn covered wagons]
33- Untitled [horse-drawn covered wagons]
34- Untitled [horse-drawn covered wagons]
35- Untitled [horse-drawn covered wagons and people riding horses]
36- Untitled [horse pulling a carriage containing four people]
37- Untitled [library scene inside of Normal Hall] located in box 1A
38- Untitled [people riding horses]
39- Untitled [people riding horses]
40- Untitled [people riding horses]
41- Untitled [room with an antique lamp and rocking chair]
42- Untitled [snapshot of a painting (Mitra Mural) formally located on the seventh floor of the Baron-Froness]
43- Untitled [steel frame of a building]
44- Untitled [U.S. Navy Table]
45- Students after a basketball game
46- Anniversary Celebration 1936- six different pictures


1- Frank Baker-president- Hired Sox Harrison, 1919
2- Untitled[strip of pictures with six pictures, one being Ms. Baron/ third from left.
3- Frat B. Bischoff
4- Frat, Bradshaw A.
5- A. Bradshaw
6- Terry Carlin-Admissions Office-10/81
7- Terry Carlin-Admissions Office 10/81
8- Alpha Delta Iota-R. Craig
9- Lewis Culbertson
10- Untitled [Lewis Culbertson]
11- Martha Culbertson, wife of Lewis
12- Tony Cutri
13- Untitled [Aimee Doucette]
14- Chris Dourk- Admissions Office-10/81
15- Untitled [Mildred Forness]
16- Untitled [Mildred Forness]
17- Mrs. Greenwood
18- Huselton
19- Alumni- Mae Jackson- Forest Co., PA-E.S.N/S.-'98
20- James Jones
21- D. Kozy
22- Kyle- Easter Morning, 1963
23- Untitled [Kyle at Halloween]
24- Rev. Lastrodale-Presby. Church
25- D. Lengauer
26- Frat D. Lengauer
27- P. McElroy
28- Ray McMahon-Beaver Falls, PA
29- Untitled [Herbert McNees holding a cat-2 copies]
30- Untitled [Herbert McNees with paint brushes]
31- Alumni-Doris Meyer [playing field hockey]
32- R. Peters
33- Helen Dundon Rye
34- G. Schieber
35- C. Shanahan
36- Craig T.
37- Craig T.
38- Trimble R.
39- Untitled [Harold Umbarger Jr.-Dean of Admissions]
40- Dr. L.H. Van Houton
41- Lynn Walp-1981
42- Rev. Wartham- Presby. Church
43- Rev. Wartham- Presby. Church
44- S. Wyant
45- S. Zano


1- Alumni [person skiing]
2- Untitled [baby]
3- Untitled [baby]
4- Untitled [baby in high chair with candy]
5- Untitled [child sitting on bench]
6- Untitled [football player]
7- Untitled [man]
8- Untitled [man]
9- Untitled [man]
10- Untitled [man]
11- Untitled [man]
12- Untitled [man]
13- Untitled [man at football player]
14- Untitled [strip of pictures-four women]
15- Untitled [strip of pictures- six people]
16- Untitled [tennis player]
17- Untitled [woman]
18- Untitled [woman dressed as Native-American]
19- Untitled [woman holding 'University People-to-People Handbook]
20- Untitled [woman on diving board]
21- Untitled [woman on horse]
22- Untitled [woman outside house at Christmas]
23- Untitled [woman playing field hockey]
24- Untitled [woman skiing]
25- Untitled [woman wearing cap and gown]
26- Untitled [woman wearing gown and crown]
27- Untitled [woman wearing leotard and swimming]
28- Untitled [woman wearing robe and a paper crown]
29- Untitled [woman wearing white gown being crowned]
30- Untitled [woman wearing white gown holding a football]
31- Untitled [young girl]
32- Untitled [young girl sitting on a bench]
33- Van Dyke photo, Edinboro, PA [man]

Box: Photos 3


1- Auditorium
2- Lakeside, Edinboro PA [aerial view] 3- Normal Building on school- 5x6 1/3- Edinboro Vila-located in box 1A
4- Helen Rye- Miss Elizabeth Culbertson, Lewistown, PA [High school attended Edinboro, PA]
5- Untitled [aerial view of campus buildings]
6- Untitled [church] located in box 1A
7- Untitled [Normal Hall]
8- Untitled [Reeder Hall]


1- Wilson and Adelaide Alward- Meadville St., Edinboro, PA
2- Back Row- 4th from left- Phoebe Wiles Andrews-1891
3- Edith Stough Rubner and La Fayette Alumni
4- Isaac Reeder and James Reeder- Center with beards. Located in box 1A
5- Includes Helen Dundon (Back Row- 2nd from right) Ruth Allen Rye, Lynn Dundon, Allen Rye, Arlene Dansow Dundon, Louis Dundon’s wife, Mabel Culbertson Dundon, Louis Dundon, Charles Dundon, Roscoe
6- (1st row) Donna Ellsworth, Nate Dennison (2nd row) P. Arthurs, Echno Fuller, Minerva Young, Iva Harvey, Myrtle Bunting Lee, Ruth Morse, Mabel Crowe (3rd row) Ann Harriman, Maud Lewis, Gail Finny, Edna Hill, Muriel Kinter Beatty, Dora Matthews, Treva Saunders (4th row) Jeanette Matherson, Bess Montgomery, Laura Bovard, Steella Kaverny, E. Vance, Charles Coo, (5th row) Roy Simifikins Clare Rossell Frank Harvey


1- Jamestown, NY photo [man and woman]
2- Meadville St., Edinboro, PA [two women]
3- Mrs. Allan Rye [picture of men in a horse-drawn carriage]
4- Untitled [four men, two women]
5- Untitled [group photo]
6- Untitled [group photo]
7- Untitled [man, woman, two children]
8- Untitled [ten men in white]
9- Untitled [three children]
10- Untitled [woman with three children]
11- Van Dyke, Edinboro, PA [boy and girl]
12- Van Dyke, Edinboro, PA [two women standing]


1- Don Cornell-From Al Haller- Elsie L. McWilliams- Edinboro [flowers in vase] located in box 1A
2- Early colorization of Kupper [boat on lake] located in box 1A


1- Maggie Allen- Class
2- 1-18422 Bust Ngr- Henry Antler- 2002422 - Edinboro, PA- (He.S. Leutler) - Edinboro, Erie Co. , PA
3- U.W. Arthur- Belle Valley, Erie Co., PA
4- R.L. Barackman
5- U.S. Bartz -Class
6- Fred L.Bean- Albion, PA
7- F.A. Bliley
8- Emma Bourguin- Class of 86
9- Ward F. Brown , Bell’s Mills, PA
10- Maude Brunton- Seventy six - Beaver Co., PA
11- Lois Caldwell- Class of 86
12- Ida Van Camp- Class of 86
13- Arthur B. Carpenter
14- Sue Caughy- Class
15- M. Shoemaker Clay
16- Prof. J. H. Cooper- Alumni
17- Harley B. Cutshall- Guys Mills, PA
18- Eugenia Deamer- Class
19- A.W. Dieffenbacher
20- Juliet Donaldson- double
21- M.Y. Echols- Class 86
22- Miss Effie Ellsworth- 1888
23- Rosa Fee
24- Frank B. Folk- Youngstown- Westm’d Co., PA-Alumni
25- Clementine Galusha
26- H.S. Gilbert- Fredonia, Mercer Co., PA
27- Chas T. Good- Edinboro, PA
28- J.T. Hadley- Hadley, PA
29- John K. Hamilton- New Hamburg, PA- Alumni
30- Alice Hanna, Class
31- S.M. Harkness- 1886
32- B. W. Hasmen- Class of 86
33- The name of friendship is sacred, and whatever you ask in that name I have not the power to deny. - Yours, Sadie Heipple- Waterford, PA
34- B. H. Hezlop, East Brook, PA
35- Winnie L. Hinnman- Shinglehouse, Potter Co., PA-1890
36- N. A. H. Hobbs- Fairview, Hancock Co., W. Va.
37- Gertude Jessup- Sharpsville, PA
38- Mary A. Kendall- Springboro, Crawford Co, PA- Alumni
39- Elinna M. Lawrence-1886-1039-14x7
40- Jane Lilley
41- Wm. Lilley-Elkin- 163 Prydras St., New Orleans
42- Miss Ella Livaney- Meadville, PA
43- Clara L. Lord- Edinboro, PA
44- Sadie Marrow-76 Beaver Co., PA
45- Beecher Matt, Class
46- Maggie Mckinn
47- J.W. Mitchell-Mckean, PA
48- Edinboro, Apr. 4, 1891- Leonard L. Mitchell- Custer City, Mckean Co., PA- Alumni
49- Emma Morris- Class
50- Lynnie E. Oakes-AO- Class of 1898- E.S.N.S-Alumni
51- Alumni- Miss Lynnie E. Oakes- Saegertown, PA-Photo taken March 1924- Height, 5ft. 4in.- Weight, 140lbs.
52- E. Palmer-c, 1900
53- J. Palmer
54- Mrs. Palmer
55- Rev. Palmer
56- Ira B. Peary- Townville, Crawford Co.; PA
57- G.S.W Phillips- Class of 86
58- Maggie Rankin- Boston, PA- Alumni
59- R.L. Roberts- Atlantic, PA
60- Ray L. Robinson- Edinboro, PA
61- Helen Dundon/Rye
62- Floy Sickmon
63- Anna Smith- Class 86
64- Nannie V. Smith
65- F.W. Squibb
66- Maude A. Swift- Pinney’s Corners, PA
67- Rev. Van Pelt- Pastor Presbyterian Ch.
68- Margaret Wady- Edinboro, PA
69- Frank Walker- Van Dyke- Edinboro, PA
70- Stella Weed
71- E.G. Weibel- Erie Co., Mckean, PA- 91- Alumni
72- Guy White - Deep Valley, Green Co., PA- Alumni
73- Ray Woodworth- Shadeland, PA - E.S.N.S.- 98
74- Lissa Zahniser- North’s Mills, Mercer Co., PA
75- William Jennings Bryan- arriving on trolley at Edinboro


1- 31006 [man]
2- Alumni [man]
3- Alumni [man]
4- Alumni [man]
5- Alumni [man]
6- Alumni [woman]
7- Alumni [woman]
8- Edinboro, PA [woman]
9- Meadville St. Edinboro, PA [woman]
10- Meadville St. Edinboro, PA [woman standing]
11- Meadville St. Edinboro, PA [woman standing]
12- Port Allegany, PA [girl]
13- Port Allegheny, PA [girl]
14- Port Allegheny, PA [ woman]
15- Untitled [baby]
16- Untitled [baby]
17- Untitled [bride] located in box 1A
18- Untitled [child]
19- Untitled [girl]
20- Untitled [man]
21- Untitled [man]
22- Untitled [man]
23- Untitled [man]
24- Untitled [man]
25- Untitled [man]
26- Untitled [man]
27- Untitled [man]
28- Untitled [man]
29- Untitled [man]
30- Untitled [man]
31- Untitled [man]
32- Untitled [man]
33- Untitled [man]
34- Untitled [man]
35- Untitled [man]
36- Untitled [man]
37- Untitled [man]
38- Untitled [man]
39- Untitled [man in uniform]
40- Untitled [series of photos of a woman] located in box 1A
41- Untitled [woman]
42- Untitled [woman]
43- Untitled [woman]
44- Untitled [woman]
45- Untitled [woman]
46- Untitled [woman]
47- Untitled [woman]
48- Untitled [woman]
49- Untitled [woman]
50- Untitled [woman]
51- Untitled [woman]
52- Untitled [woman]
53- Untitled [woman] located in box 1A
54- Van Dyke- Edinboro, PA [baby]
55- Van Dyke- Edinboro, PA [baby]
56- Van Dyke- Edinboro, PA [baby]
57- Van Dyke- Edinboro, PA [baby]
58- Van Dyke- Edinboro, PA [girl]
59- Van Dyke- Edinboro, PA [little girl]
60- Van Dyke- Edinboro, PA [woman]
61- `Where? [standing baby]