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Title: Edinboro University, Small Collections, 1865-1995

Inclusive Dates: 1865- 1995

Creator: Various Offices

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Repository: Edinboro University Archives
Baron- Forness Library
Edinboro University
Edinboro, Pa 16444

Abstract: This record group is comprised of a number of unrelated small collections. These are typically small donations of between 1-4 folders of materials.

Acquisition Information: Each collection within this record group has its own acquisition history.

Preferred Citation: Edinboro University Archives
Small Collections Record Group

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Organization of Collection:

I. Small Collections

A. McGregors Gift
B. History of Goodell Farm
C. Hermine Baushard
D. Charles Williamson- Alumni
E. Tillie Guitner 1865
F. Justina Baron and Kathy Williams Collection
G. La Franchi Collection
H. Roland
I. Hendricks
J. Visiting Scholar Papers
K. Sister School in China Contest
L. Jerry Komar
M. Maggie Mckim
N. Rutherford
O. Unit II Faculty Minutes
P. Wm Francis Butterfield Photos

Series Description:

McGregors Gift
This series contains a gift from Mr. Michael McGregor of Union City, Pa. He sent Dr. Pogue a postcard of Reeder Hall which was part of the Edinboro State Normal School. The original postcard from 1922 and a letter of gratitude from Dr. Pogue is on record.

History of the Goodell Farm
Within this series, there is the history of the Goodell farm by David Seybold. This history describes how the Goodells acquired land for their farm in Edinboro. Also, the paper includes a family tree.

Hermine Baushard
This series contains information on Hermine Baushard, an alumna of the college. There is a paper on Igneous Rocks that she wrote (undated). Also, there is a photo from 1944 of Hermine using a bow and arrow. Lastly, she kept an address paper. Some addresses were of relatives from Ann Arbor, Michigan; Annapolis, Maryland; Badin, North Carolina.

Charles Williamson
There is information on Charles Williamson contained within this series. Charles was an alumnus in the 1860s. There are two excerpts from his photocopied obituaries from 1925 and a scanned photograph of Charles. This information was made available from Mary Edlen.

Tillie Guitner
This series contains a letter by Tillie Guitner from 1865. The letter is retyped from an original which is not included in the series. In the letter, Tillie discusses her college life. She describes the campus, where she lives, and her classes.

Justina Baron & Kathy Williams Collection
This series contains gifts given to the Edinboro community from Justina Baron and Kathy Williams. These gifts include: Margaret Comptons Highschool Diploma, an invitation and program from the 1911 Edinboros Old Home Week and State Normal Semi-Centennial and the ASFSCME union agreement.

LaFranchi Collection
This series contains letters to Bertie Henry from Anna Brubaker, calling card of B. Henrys Aunt, two personal message cards, order of Exercises card, an autograph book (1978), and miniaturized newspaper from the Philadelphia Weekly Press. These items were donated by William LaFranchi.

This series contains various journal articles, speeches, and newspaper articles relating to Dr. Leo J. Roland, a former professor at Edinboro State College. He was the Assistant Dean of Instruction at ESC as well. The Dr. Roland collection includes several speeches he wrote for different school functions. Additionally, there are two articles he wrote that were published. Finally, there are two newspaper articles that discuss/comment his views on teachers in education. Also, there is an article honoring his accomplishment of having his work published and a photocopied picture of him at the Erie Council of International Reading Association Conference.

This series contains minutes from the Social Studies Department Meeting and testimony letters in memory of Dr. Luther V. Hendricks. Dr. Luther V. Hendricks (1912-1970) was part of the faculty at Edinboro State College for 25 years. He was a member of the teaching faculty and head the Social Studies Department as well as the Dean of School of Behavioral and Social Sciences. There are the minutes from 1964-1969 of the Social Studies Department. Dr. Henricks was an active member and head of the department as seen within the minutes. Also, there are testimonial letters(bounded) in memory of him. The letters range from the president of the college, Chester McNerney, to professors from different departments. There are about 61 letters. These letters echo a similar feeling about the man. The faculty felt Dr. Hendricks was a good-hearted dedicated man who brought so much to the Edinboro Community.

Visiting Scholar Papers
This series contains five scholar papers from visiting professors at Edinboro. The first paper is called China on the Road to Create True Business by Hai Lin Lan written March 1988. The second Paper is called Joint Venture in China by Lan Hai Lin and the paper was written in April of 1988. The remaining three papers were written by Dong Coa-Ji Nan. These papers are called On Psychological Characteristics of Adult Learning, Elicitation Approach in Adult Learning, and The Instruction of Knowledge and the Cultivation of Technical Skill, Artistry in the Process of Vocational Education.

Sister School in China Contest
The series contains two copies of the Zibo Teachers College Essay Contest 1990-94. This essay contest was established for Zibo students to write an essay in English. The topic was chosen by the Edinboro and Zibo Teachers College (in China) presidents. In 1987, Zibo Teachers College and Edinboro University signed a formal sister school agreement. This publication includes the winning essays for 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, and 1994.

Jerry Komar
This series contains two complementary newsletters entitled Total Quality News. This newsletter was devoted to Total Quality Management. More specifically, it focused on mental health, mental retardation, and behavioral health care organizations. Jerry S. Komar, M.Ed., M.S published this newsletter. He was a 1974 graduate of Edinboro State College.

Maggie Mckim
This series contains information regarding alumna (1886) Maggie Mckim. There are some photographs (photo copied) as well as her birth and death certificates and her marriage license. Also, her autograph book is included in the series. Maggie McKims granddaughter, M. Gertrude Martin, sent this information as well as a detailed letter about her accomplishments and other related information.

This series contains the program for Lanecht Ruprecht (The Bad Boys Christmas). This program includes a moral fable and five Christmas verses by Brett Rutherford, an alumnus of Edinboro.

Unit II Faculty Minutes
This series contains minutes from the Administrative Unit II Faculty Minutes. These minutes were dated from May 2, 1986 to November 21, 1989. The Unit II team members were a group of non-teachers and they discussed different issues regarding the university. Some issues included: evaluations, pay increases, orientations, student relations, etc.

Wm Francis Butterfield
This series contains various photographs of Edinboro State Normal School. These photographs were used as postcards. The earliest dated photo is 1907 and the latest date marked was 1910. There are 13 photograph within the series are six dated and seven undated. The photographs included: ESNS baseball team (1910), Stancliffe House and Stancliffe Busy (1909), the student body in the spring semester 1909, Arbor Day 1909 ( three pictures), the chapel (undated), and random shots taken of people or the ESNS. This series collections was donated by Mrs. JL Butterfield. She is the daughter-in-law of Wm Francis Butterfield.

Controlled Access Terms:

McGregor, Michael
Goodell Farm
Baushard, Hermine
Williamson, Charles
Guitner, Tillie 1865
Baron, Justina
Williams, Katy
La Franchi, William
Roland, Leo
Hendricks, Luther
Visiting Scholars
Zibo Teacher's College-China
Komar, Jerry
Mckim, Maggie
Rutherford, Brett
Unit II Faculty
Butterfield, William Francis
Contents List:

McGregors Gift
-McGregor- Reeder Hall postcard

History of Goodell Farm
-History of Goodell Farm Paper

Hermine Baushard
-Baushard, Hermine 1944

Charles Williamson- Alumni
-Charles Williamson Alumni CERCA-1860s

Tillie Guitner 1865
-Letter from Tillie Guitner-1865

La Franchi Collection
-La Franchi Collection items
-Henrys letters 1878,1880

Justina Baron and Katy Williams Collection
-Justina Baron and Kathy Williams Collection items
-AFSCME contract

-Articles (written by Roland)
-Newspaper Articles

-Papers-Minutes of Social Studies Department
-Testimonial letters

Visiting Scholar Papers
-China on the Road to Create True Business 1988
-Joint Venture in China 1988
-Writings of Don Cao-JiNan University Professor

Zibo-Sister School in China Contest
-Zibo Teachers College Essay Contest 1990-94

Jerry Komar
-Total Quality News

Maggie Mckim
-Maggie McKim
-Maggie McKim Autograph Album

-The Bad Boys Christmas

Unit II Faculty Minutes
-Unit II 5-2-86 11/21/89

Wm Francis Butterfield Photos
-Butterfield Photos