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ACRL Information Literacy Standard 1



Information Literacy-Standard 1
Determining the nature and extent of the information needed.
Contact: Dr. Monty L. McAdoo, Instructional Services Librarian (Room 231), 814-732-1070

According to the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) standards, an information literate individual is one who:

1) Determines the nature and extent of the information needed
2) Accesses needed information effectively and efficiently
3) Evaluates information and its sources critically and incorporates selected information into his or her knowledge base and value system
4) Individually or as a member of a group, uses information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose
5) Understands many of the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information and accesses and uses information ethically and legally

This page focuses on Standard #1.  For more information on this standard and on information literacy, please visit the ACRL's Information Literacy Web site.


Defining Your Information Need A quick worksheet to help you define your topic/information need.
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