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Course Reserves
Contact: Ms. Marie Keck, Library Assistant, 814-732-2273

Reserve Services allow faculty members to place items - printed or electronic - on reserve for their students to access, read, download, and/or print in the library and, in many cases, over the Internet.

Tips  |  Reserve Item(s) Form

What should be placed on reserve?
This is really up to you. Most often, though, it will be a book or article that might be hard for students to locate and retrieve, articles from journals, and out-of-print books. Suggested but not required readings as well as items too expensive for students to purchase and/or photocopy are also commonly placed on reserve.

Where are reserve items kept?
Reserve items are housed and may be signed-out at the Circulation Desk.

What can be placed on reserve?
Library-owned materials as well as personal materials may be placed on Reserve. Books on loan from other libraries can not be placed on reserve.

What about articles?
Copies of articles may be placed on reserve. However, we request that you make the photocopies yourself.

What about full-text articles from a database?
More and more databases now provide full-text to articles. Licensing by some vendors/products (e.g. EBSCOHost) allows users to make direct links to such articles from their Web pages. To check the availability of such features and to learn how to make a link on your Web page to an article from EBSCOHost, please contact a librarian.

How many copies can be placed on reserve?
Fair use and copyright guidelines maintain that no more than five copies of a specific printed article may be placed on reserve at one time. Electronic versions vary by product, publisher, and licensing agreement.

How do items get on reserve?
Faculty members may pick up and complete a form at the Circulation Desk for each item they wish to place on reserve.

How long does that take?
Once we receive a properly completed form and the corresponding item, it generally takes up to 72 hours to process and place the item on reserve.

How do I know if/when my items have been placed on reserve?
Individuals wanting to check to see if an item is on reserve yet can check the notebooks at the Circulation Desk or search PILOT via the Course Reserve tab.

How do students sign out reserve items?
When signing out reserve materials, students are required to provide to the Circulation staff the professor’s name, the title of the article or book needed, and their EUP Identification card.

What is the loan period for a reserve item?
When you complete the form, you may indicate one of four loan periods: 3-hour, overnight, three days, and seven days.

What if an item is returned late?
If the reserve item is not returned on the day or time specified, the computer will impose and calculate a fine for each late item. Fines vary by item type and loan period.

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