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Distance Education


Distance Education
Contact: Dr. Monty L. McAdoo, Instructional Services Librarian (Room 231), 814-732-1070

This page is geared primarily to students enrolled in online and other distance education courses. However, many of these resources and services are available to online learners - even those not enrolled in distance courses or programs. Faculty teaching at Porreco or Meadville or teaching online courses are encouraged to contact Dr. Monty L. McAdoo 814-732-1070 or Dr. Andrea Wyman 814-732-2796 regarding library instruction or other library resources for the courses.

How do I access library resources from off campus?
Consult this Help Guide for instructions and illustrations that will assist you in gaining access to library resources from off campus.


How can I get help with library research?
The column to the right provides a number of ways to contact a librarian: By phone 814-732-2253, via email ( or our instant messaging service - IMALibrarian. Librarians are available at the Information Desk (1st Floor) to provide assistance during the following times:

Mondays through Thursdays 9:00 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Fridays 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Saturdays 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Sundays 1:30 - 8:30 p.m.

How do I find and select library books and journals and other information?

PILOT is the library's catalog.  You would use it to locate books and other items in our collection.  Our Find Articles page lists dozens of resources you can use to find journal articles and article citations.  Many also provide the full text of the articles themselves or links to the full text. If you're not sure of which resource to use, get started by using our Electronic Resources by Subject page or speak with a librarian to help you select the best resource to find the information you're seeking. Our Researcher's Toolkit page offers information about a variety of topics related to the research process. The Tutorials listed below provide basic information about searching for and accessing information.

Can I have library books and other items delivered to my home?
Yes.  Books Direct is a service through which you can have books delivered to your home.  To qualify, you must be a distance education student not enrolled in classes on the Edinboro campus and you must live 30 miles or more from the Edinboro campus.  For additional requirements and information on this program, visit our Books Direct page.  Note: we are unable to send non-book items (e.g. videos) via this service.  If there is a magazine or journal article available in the Baron-Forness Library that is not accessible to you electronically off campus, please use the Request Article form.

I need technical assistance accessing library resources from home. Where can I find solutions to common problems?
Many commonly asked questions are answered on our Researcher's Toolkit page.  You might also want to try our instant messaging service - IMALibrarian - send us an email (, or call 814-732-2253.

Where do I find information about Edinboro University's Online programs?
Information about online programs is located at Online Programs.

Where do I find information about The Porreco Center in Erie?
Information about Edinboro University's Porreco Center in Erie is located at The Porreco Center .

Where do I find information about Edinboro University in Meadville?
Information about Edinboro University in Meadville is located at Edinboro University in Meadville.

The following tutorials are designed to provide you with an overview of key issues and strategies for using library resources more effectively.  For additional assistance, please contact a librarian as noted above.

Finding Books 1. Overview of the Library's Catalog - PILOT (3:13)

An overview of how to access and key features of the library's catalog - PILOT - used to find items in the library.

2. Sample Keyword Search for Books (3:13)

An overview of how to conduct a basic search for books in PILOT - the library's catalog.

3. Using Call Numbers to Locate Items (1:38)

An overview of call numbers and how they can be used to find items in the library.

4. Narrowing a Search by Subject (3:43)

Describes how to focus a search for books using subject searching.

5. Tips for Subject Searching in PILOT (2:29)

Outlines strategies for conducting effective subject searches.

Finding Articles 1. Selecting a Resource to Search for Articles (3:40)

The first step to finding articles is determining which resource(s) to use.  This module provides an overview of databases and some of the things that should be taken into consideration when choosing one.

2. Conducting a Basic Search for Articles (7:37)

An overview of one technique for searching for articles using a database.

3. Accessing and Acquiring Articles (4:22)

Discusses the four ways of accessing and acquiring articles - HTML, PDF, Check for Availability, and Interlibrary Loan.

4. Two Ways of Improving Your Search for Articles (5:26)

Discusses the use of abstracts and limits to further narrow your search for articles.

Search Tips and Strategies 1.Remote Access to Library Resources (2:02)

Describes how to access library resources from remote locations (i.e. computers not directly attached to the campus network).

2. Search Tips and Strategies (6:28)

A dozen easy-to-follow tips and strategies for improving your searches for information.

3. Working with PDF Files (2:02)

Discusses issues and strategies for working with PDF files.

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