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Interlibrary Loan


InterLibrary Loan (ILL) Department
Contact: Ms. Judy Rauenswinter, InterLibrary Loan Office (Room 113), 814-732-2946

If we don't have the book or article you seek, we can often acquire it from another library via a service known as "interlibrary loan" or "ILL." This page describes this service and provides links to request forms which may be submitted electronically. Printed forms are available in the library.

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What is Interlibrary Loan?
Books and journal articles not included in the university library’s collection may be requested through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Through the use of a nationwide computerized library network and cooperative lending agreements with other libraries, eligible Edinboro University Library patrons have access to the library resources of the nation.

Why is Interlibrary Loan Service needed?
Thousands of journal articles and books are published each year. Fiscal and space constraints make it impossible for even the largest libraries to purchase every source or to anticipate all research needs. Sharing library resources expands access to information.

Who is eligible to borrow materials through Edinboro’s Interlibrary Loan?
Faculty, students, staff, and administrators affiliated with Edinboro University and who have a valid ID card may place Interlibrary Loan requests.

Is there a charge for ILL Service?
Every effort is made to obtain materials free of charge. Occasionally, materials may only be obtained from a library for a fee. If we cannot obtain your requested material free of charge, we will contact you regarding any charges before we order the item.

Are there any restrictions on types of materials available?
Many libraries restrict types of materials available for loan. Some of the items which may be difficult (or impossible) to get via Interlibrary Loan include:

- Reference materials such as dictionaries and encyclopedias
- Audio-visual materials such as CDs and DVDs
- Current bestsellers
- Books recently featured on TV talk shows
- Entire journal issues or volumes
- Rare books and materials
- Genealogy materials
- Items held in Archives and/or Special Collections departments

How may I place an ILL request?
Interlibrary Loan request forms are available in the 1st Floor Reference Room and online. Before submitting a request, please verify whether or not Baron-Forness Library owns the item. Requests for items owned by the library will not be processed. Separate forms (green for articles; yellow for books) need to be completed for each book or periodical article requested. Please print legibly and provide as much information as possible. Submit completed forms to the Reference Librarian at the Information Desk. Forms for submitting your request electronically are also available for articles and for books.

How long does it take to get ILL materials?
The borrowing procedure typically takes a minimum of one week depending on the volume of Interlibrary Loan requests, availability of materials, work flow of the lending library, and the mail/ delivery system. However, recent advances in technology may, in certain instances, make it possible to receive articles within 24 hours. Library patrons are encouraged to begin research projects early to insure that materials are received in time.

What is the loan period?
Loan periods are usually three to four weeks and are determined by the library lending the materials.

How will I know when the Interlibrary Loan material has arrived?
When your material arrives, you will be contacted by the Interlibrary Loan office. ILL materials may be picked up at the Circulation Desk.

Where should I return ILL materials?
ILL materials should be returned to the library Circulation Desk.

Do I need to know/tell you which library has the item I want?
No. While it doesn’t hurt to let us know that you know a certain library has the item(s) you want, it’s not necessary to tell us for us to process your request. In fact, even though you know a library has the item, we may be able to find it at another library that’s closer, cheaper, and/or can process your request more quickly. At the same time, particularly for books, if you are visiting a library you know has the item you want, you may wish to simply see if you can photocopy or borrow the item directly.

How can I help speed up the process?
- Exhaust local resources.

- Ask a Reference Librarian for help in identifying similar materials available in the Edinboro University libraries’ collections.

- Carefully complete ILL request forms.

- Indicate a date after which the item is no longer needed. If you do not indicate a date, we will automatically assume one month. If we can’t secure the item in that time, your request will be cancelled.

- Please avoid submitting numerous requests on the same day. In consideration of all eligible borrowers, ILL reserves the right to limit requests processed per patron per day. Additional requests will be processed on subsequent days.

- Be selective.

- Take time to carefully review citations and then request only those materials which seem most useful.

- Some library indexes give citations to journals with articles written in a foreign language. Make sure that materials requested via ILL are in a language in which you have reading proficiency.

- Accuracy and clarity of information are very important to a successful interlibrary loan search. Incomplete and/or illegible forms will delay the processing of your order.

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