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Technical Services

Technical Services
Contact: Prof. Barry Gray, Technical Services Supervisor (Room 105), 814-732-1077

Technical Services (located on the 1st floor behind the Reference area) processes all physical materials for the Edinboro University library collection. Among others, this includes books, periodicals, microforms, and audio-visual items. The Technical Services staff is responsible for creating and maintaining the information found in PILOT which can be used to determine whether or not the library owns or provides access to the item(s) you seek.

When is Technical Services open?
Technical services is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until Noon and 1:00 p.m. until 4:30 p.m.

What is "PILOT?"

PILOT is the library's catalog. It lists all of the items owned by the library and is used to see if the library has the item (e.g. book, journal, CD) you're seeking. Technical Services is responsible for maintaining the information found in the catalog.

I find the item listed in PILOT but can't locate it. Why?
Always remember that the item you seek may be awaiting reshelving. Beyond that, there can be a number of reasons you can't find the item you seek. Some of the more common messages which you might encounter in PILOT include:

The item is on the shelf.
Checked Out
The item is in use and will be returned on the date shown.
The item was just returned to the library and may not be reshelved yet. Ask at the Circulation Desk.
Incomplete volume shelved in the Periodicals Office
For some reason, we're missing an issue or volume of a journal. Go to the Information Desk and tell the Reference librarian which issue you need. (S)He will help you retrieve it. Please return the issue to the Information desk when you are finished using it.
In Process
The item is currently being processed for shelving. Contact the Circulation desk if you wish to be notified when the item is ready to check out.
Item Ordered
The book has been ordered but has not yet been delivered to the library.
The journal volumes you seek are currently at the bindery being bound. The date the bound volume is due back is indicated.

Is there a list of all the periodicals in Edinboro’s library?
Yes. Our Journal Locator link via our homepage provides a listing of available journals - in both electronic and/or printed formats. After conducting a search, the dates of electronic/full text coverage and the database(s) in which the full text appears (if any) will be indicated. A link to the library's catalog also appears to determine the availability (if any) of printed issues in Baron-Forness Library.

Is there a list of all the current periodicals (print format) to which Baron-Forness Library subscribes?
Yes. A copy is kept at the Information Desk in the Reference Area (1st Floor). The list is sorted by the academic department which most closely matches the journal's subject/content focus. Peer reviewed/refereed titles are highlighted.

It says the journal's location is “Journal Collection (floors 1-2).” Where do I look for it?
In the PILOT record under the heading “Library has,” you will see a summary of years and/or volumes. These are all shelved on the second floor of the library. If the issue you want is more recent than the latest date or volume shown, and PILOT says, “Library has current subscription to this title,” then you will find the issue you want on the first floor.

Where do I find the book I want once I have the call number for it?
When you find an item in PILOT, look immediately to the left of the item's call number to determine the item's location in the building.  We use the Library of Congress classification scheme for organizing and shelving the books in our collection. This means that, when you go to retrieve your book from the shelf, browse around it for other books on the same topic.  If you have difficulty finding a book or other item, please speak with a librarian.

How do I request that the library subscribe to a journal?
Before you do so, please search PILOT for the journal’s title to make sure the library does not already receive the journal, and check the list of titles on the library’s web page under Journal Locator. The journal you want may already be available. If you don’t find the title listed, you must fill out a Journal Subscription Request Form and have it approved by the required people. Submit the completed form to the Associate Vice President for University Libraries.

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