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Course Reserves Tips

Tips For Placing Items On Reserve
This page provides some tips and suggestions for expediting the placing of items on reserve.

Course Reserves Department  |  Course Reserve Form

Be sure the item is available.
Faculty often wish to place library-owned books on reserve. Unfortunately, sometimes these books are already signed-out when they go to place them on reserve. While we can recall such items, there is no guarantee that they will be returned in a timely fashion or by the time you wish to have the item available. Please try to reserve items as soon as possible to insure they're available to your students.

Items on loan from other libraries cannot be placed on reserve.
For a number of reasons, items on loan from other libraries cannot be placed on reserve.

Allow our staff at least 72 hours' notice.
To insure your items are on reserve when they’re needed, please submit your requests at least 72 hours in advance.  While we make every effort to place items on reserve as quickly as possible, the more lead time we are given - particularly during peak times such as the start of a semester - the more likely your item(s) will be available when desired.

Be sure your citation is accurate and complete.
Inaccurate and/or incomplete information causes two problems. First, students don’t know what to request when they come to the library. Second, they don’t know how to cite the source. Please double-check to verify that the citation information you provide in your syllabus corresponds with the actual item on reserve.

Be sure the item is complete.
Sometimes accidents happen.  Perhaps a page isn’t photocopied properly or is otherwise not present. When an item is on reserve, you should check to see that all of the pages you’re requiring are both available and readable.

We are not responsible for damage to/loss of personal items.
We cannot be responsible for repairing or replacing lost or stolen personal items you place on reserve.  

Items are not automatically placed on reserve from semester to semester.
You need to submit a request for each item each semester. We do not automatically assume you want an item left on reserve from semester to semester.

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