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BA of Mathematics


Program Overview

The Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics (BAMA) program is designed to:

  • prepare the student for a professional career using mathematics;
  • provide appropriate background for further study of mathematics;
  • allow for extensive study in a closely related field;
  • develop skills and attitudes for living in modern society.

Students in the BAMA program may choose to become members of the Pi Mu Epsilon Honorary Mathematics Society and/or the Mathematical Association of America Student Chapter. The BAMA program affords the student ample opportunity to obtain a minor offered by any other discipline at Edinboro University. An option many students find attractive is to obtain the BAMA degree and at the same time become certified to teach mathematics. This leaves many career paths open, including that of teaching.


Students are given the opportunity to:

  • learn basic mathematical concepts and manipulative skills;
  • learn how to approach problem solving and mathematical proofs logically;
  • attain fluency with the language of mathematics;
  • explore mathematics - both pure and applied - and its relation to the real world;
  • attain adequate preparation for graduate study in mathematics or for a career in a related field.

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