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Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics with actuarial concentation



The Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, Actuarial Science Track (BAMA-ACT) program is designed to:

  1. prepare the student for a professional career using mathematics, particular in actuarial science
  2. provide appropriate background for further study in mathematics
  3. allow for extensive study in a closely related field
  4. develop skills and attitudes for living in modern society

Students in the BAMA-ACT program will have the opportunity to become members of the Pi Mu Epsilon Honorary Mathematics Society and/or the Mathematics Club.  The BAMA-ACT program supplements the foundation of a traditional mathematics degree program with a concentration in probability, statistics, and course work in business and economics.  Students in the BAMA-ACT program will be prepared to enter industry as a practicing actuary, work in the business force, or enroll in graduate programs in mathematics, statistics, or business-related areas.


Students are given the opportunity to:

  • learn basic mathematical concepts and manipulative skills;
  • apply statistical models for description, prediction, and inference based on data samples;
  • gain an understanding of interest theory, annuities, discounts, and funds from a mathematical and financial viewpoint;
  • attain an understanding of the fundamental factors which influence the economy in the context of micro- and macroeconomics;
  • learn how to approach problem solving and mathematical proofs logically;
  • attain fluency in the language of mathematics;