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Computer Labs

The move from Doucette Hall to the renovated Ross Hall, will provide students in Mathematics and Computer Science with state-of-the- art technology and computer labs.  The anticipated move date is December 2013. 

When the current renovation is complete, which is anticipated to by the fall of 2013, the 42,000 square-foot facility will house the Math and Computer Science Department and Technology & Communications. Collaboration with faculty and staff has resulted in the creation of state-of-the-art classroom design, computer labs, offices, conference rooms and student gathering spaces.

Also, a part of this renovation project will be the incorporation of an enclosed elevated pedestrian walkway measuring 750-feet from Ross to the Baron-Forness Library to allow students easy access from one side of campus to the other – especially during the winter months.

Currently, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science maintains a computer laboratory in Doucette Hall for use in Mathematics and Computer Science classes. The laboratory is available as an open lab for Mathematics and Computer Science majors and others taking specific Mathematics and Computer Science classes.

The laboratory in Doucette Hall 222 has 19 Linux and 12 Windows workstations for general use. The workstations are Core I7 systems from Dell. The linux machines currently running Fedora 17.

A wireless teaching laboratory of 32 Lenovo laptops is available for any of the classrooms on the top floor of Doucette Hall. The laptop systems are running Windows 7.

The department employs a wide variety of software. Some examples are MathSoft MathCad, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Visual Studio. These systems have a broad base of Mathematics and Computer Science users, ranging from students taking the general education courses to major students. Languages available include C++, Prolog, Visual Basic, and LISP. The linux/unix machines are used primarily as development systems which support the Computer Science courses.

The workstations are all connected to the University network which provides access to the internet.

We are currently in the process of combining our cluster with a cluster maintained by the Physics department to achieve at least 32 nodes. The new cluster will be maintained by the department and used for scientific computation by researchers within the school of Arts and Sciences.




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