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Computer Science


Computers and computer software now occupy a central role in nearly every profession and discipline. Computers run assembly lines, model business activities, access national databases, and connect the world via networks. Employment opportunities are limitless for those who are able to harness and expand the computer's potential.

The bachelor's degree in Computer Science has an applications track and a theoretical track. The applications track is designed around national curriculum models and employment opportunities. The theoretical track is designed around national curriculum models, employment opportunities, and admissions requirements to graduate programs in computer science. Computer science majors have the opportunity to participate in internship programs that give them a realistic view of employment directions. Current internship partnerships exist with U.S. Steel, Argonne National Lab, and the state government in Harrisburg, as well as numerous local businesses.

Computer science students have access to a variety of campus computer labs, including two VAX computers and full Internet access. The department sponsors a computer club, open to all interested students, and a programming team that completes annually at the state and national levels.


Students are given the opportunity to:

  • Apply the tools, theory, and practices of computer science
  • Apply critical thinking, analytical and logical skills
  • Communicate in a professional manner
  • Recognize and understand the professional, social, and ethical responsibilities associated with computer science
  • Demonstrate an appreciation for continuous learning