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Math & Computer Science

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Department Chair:   Anne Quinn

BS in Computer Science - Theory Track

ABET Accredited

Assistant Chair:   Marc Sylvester
  Secretary:    Paula Warner
  System Administrator:    Christopher Loveland


  Mathematics &
  Computer Science
  220 Scotland RD
  109 Ross Hall
  Edinboro, PA 16444






CSCI 125 and above 
held in Ross Hall 137

Math 020 & Math 090

Math courses 104 and higher
held in Ross Hall 130

CSCI 104, CSCI 123 and CSCI 204 - During Open Hours in the lower level of Hamilton Hall (computer lab)







Information for current Edinboro students

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Why Major in Math or Computer Science? - Jobs!

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer related careers occupy 4 of the top 30 fastest growing occupations, including the #1 and #4 spots.  Link to Report

"Job prospects are expected to be favorable, with particularly good prospects for teachers in high-demand fields like math, science,..." U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook

Why Edinboro?
  • Excellent, Dedicated Faculty
  • Latest technology in our labs and classrooms
  • Small department atmosphere where students and faculty interact one-on-one.
  • History of successful alumni
  • Research Opportunities
  • Student Clubs

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers programs that lead to the following degrees:

Associate Degree of Science

Bachelor of Arts Degree

  • Mathematics - Curriculum : Sequence (Limited to currently enrolled students)
  • Mathematics with Actuarial Concentration - Curriculum : Sequence (Limited to currently enrolled students)

Bachelor of Science Degree

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science also offers a mathematics minor and a computer science minor. These minors can be coordinated with virtually any academic discipline.

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science develops the capacity of the student to analyze a variety of life situations modeling the problem environment with logical and numerical tools. As such, a strong foundation in mathematics and computer science becomes the basis for clear reasoning and problem solving in many other areas. Professionals in virtually all disciplines recognize the importance of mastering computer skills, developing problem-solving competence and studying mathematics. When students develop their abilities in mathematics and computer science they move from using the logical models proposed by others, to being able to create new approaches for the problems and technologies of tomorrow.

Course offerings include courses in algebra, analysis, statistics, geometry, programming languages, software design, database design and management, data structures, networking, artificial intelligence, operating systems, and computer architecture. The department also provides a variety of introductory courses from which students in any curriculum may select according to their needs and interests.

Opportunities available to graduates with a major in mathematics or computer science include graduate study and a wide variety of positions in business, education, government, and industry.