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Awards and Ceremonies



This ceremony is dedicated to recognizing ALANI (African American, Latino, Asian, Native American and International) Students that have acheived a 2.7 or higher GPA in the previous semester. A bronze award is presented to those students whose GPA was 2.7 to 2.99, a silver award  for  GPA’s of  3.0 to 3.49, a gold award for GPA’s of 3.5 to 3.99, and a Gold Star to GPA’s of  4.0. 

Fall ALANI Awards Reception - Date: TBA

Spring ALANI Awards Reception - Date: TBA

Both semester's receptions will be held at the Frank G. Pogue Student Center's Multipurpose Room.  To RSVP you and your guests' attendance in our reception, please fill complete our registration form here

Fall 12 ALANI


The Annual Excellence in Diversity Awards and Salute to Graduates Ceremony are highlights of our year. The program includes the presentation of the Excellence in Diversity Man, Woman, and Faculty/Staff Member of the Year awards. At this recognition ceremony we will also honor our semester graduating seniors.  This joyous occasion is always a special event for the entire campus community.

Fall Salute to Graduates Ceremony - Date: TBA

Annual Excellence in Diversity Awards & Spring Salute to Graduates Ceremony - Date: TBA

Both semester's ceremonies will be held at the Frank G. Pogue Student Center's Multipurpose Room. To RSVP you and your guests' attendance in our reception, please fill complete our registration form here

To nominate someone for the Annual Excellence in Diversity Award please click here for the online app and paper copy in PDF format.

Fall 12 SAL

 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Awards Luncheon

The focus of the Dr. Martin Luther  King, Jr. Awards Luncheon is to bring the community together to celebrate our past, present and future.  By sharing the common experiences, we expect to build an even closer relationship with the community.  It also provides us an opportunity to recognize individuals who remind us each day of the teachings and philosophies of Dr. King.

The Luncheon will take place in Van Houten Dining Hall South.

All are invited on a first come basis.  RSVP  for the luncheon to 732-2070 or


Do you know know of someone whose contributions to society reflect the spirit, philosophy and teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? If so, you might want to consider nominating such a man or woman to become one of the recipients of Edinboro University’s 16th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Awards.

Edinboro University is now accepting nominations for the MLK awards, which will be presented during the University's Annual Awards Luncheon.  Several dozen prominent citizens from northwestern Pennsylvania have been honored by the University since the awards luncheon began in 1997. 

Candidate nominations must contain a narrative description of the candidate's achievements and contributions to society with specific examples listed.  Achievements and contributions must be reflective of Dr. King's philosophy and teachings, particularly in the area of social justice, social activism or peace initiatives.

Nominations should also include the candidate's career profile or resume and all contact information for both the nominee and the nominator.

All nominations should be submitted to:
Edinboro University Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Kahan Sablo
c/o Ms. Cyndi Waldinger
Frank G. Pogue Student Center
405 Scotland Road
Edinboro, PA 16444.

Completed nominations can also be e-mailed to