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Multicultural Student Organizations



The Multicultural Affairs Office serves as a resource center for student organizations including but not limited to:

Alliance for Racial Identity and Cultural Acceptance (AFRICA)

AFRICA  exists to help the University students cope with the pressures of higher education through meetings and activities. This organization helps to bring unity to the under represented students. Membership is open to all Edinboro students.

President:     TBA

Advisor:         Dr. Kahan Sablo

African Student Association (ASA)

ASA provides a forum for students of African heritage by assisting in spreading awareness of the African heritage in the community at large. The purpose of this organization is to improve the University and local community as well as to enhance the educational and social experiences of its members. Membership is open to all Edinboro students.

President:        Lionel Pierrot    Treasurer: Rochelle Samukai

Advisor:            Dr. Elliot Wreh-Wilson

Asia Club

This organization promotes Chinese and Asian culture and provides help to all students of Chinese and Oriental descent. Membership is open to any Edinboro University student who has completed at least 12 credit hours and who has a QPA of 2.5 or better.

President:        TBA

Advisor:            Dr. Xin-Zhu Chen

Christ for Life (CFL)

CFL exists to minister to the needs of others through expressing the word of Christ verbally or through artistic musical expression. It serves as a spiritual and emotional support group. Members are encouraged to offer their support towards the uplifting of the word of Jesus Christ and our Father, as well as function cooperatively as a brother or sister to all members.

President        TBA

Advisor:           TBA


Identity promotes an understanding of and tolerance for men and women, serves as a support group, and as Edinboro University's gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and straight alliance. The group raises awareness on campus about sexual Identity and promotes the acceptance of individuals regardless of their sexual orientation.

President:          Heather Kerley

Advisors:            Dr. Daniel Burdick and Dr. Gerald Hoffman

International Students Affiliation (ISA)

ISA aspires to enrich the local community both on and off campus, by ensuring cultural diversity. Activities include the international dinner, field trips, campus events and social mixers. Membership is open to all Edinboro students.

President:        Robert Omoha

Advisor:            Dr. Karim Hossain, Dr. Qun Gu, Mr. David Wick

Latino Student Organization (LSO)

LSO develops activities that provide Edinboro University Latino students opportunities to network with others who share similar cultural backgrounds and interests. LSO encourages all students to realize their academic and professional potential through individual and group interaction with each other, campus administration, and the community while emphasizing the importance of cultural and family values.

President:        Noelia Ruiz

Advisor:            Dr. Elizabeth Iglesias and Ms. Brenda Abreu-Baker 

Brothers and Sisters United

Brothers and Sisters United encourages African-Americans  to take part in University events and community services in the local areas. The members strive for leadership, organization, and campus networking to benefit Edinboro University and the development of its members as students. Membership is open to all Edinboro students.

President:        Raymont Youngblood

Advisor:            Mr. Andre Smith

United Voices of Edinboro (UVE)

United Voices is a gospel-singing group open to all Edinboro University students with a desire to sing or can play a musical instrument.

President:        Tara Gaines

Advisor:            Dr. Kahan Sablo

National Pan-Hellenic Council, Incorporated

Please contact Mark Weir or Shellie Barbich

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