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A non-music major can participate in any of Edinboro's ensembles, which are listed below.  Auditions are required for all ensembles except for Women's Chorus, Men's Chorus, and Marching Band.  Upon their acceptance into the ensemble, students should register for the class.  Students may register for the same ensemble each semester.  Interested students should contact the faculty member directly about auditions information, rehearsal and performance schedules, etc...


MUSC 051 - Marching Band (Mr. Chuck Lute,, 814.732.2979)

MUSC 058 - Jazz Ensemble (Dr. Gary Grant,, 814.732.2792)

MUSC 065 - Symphonic Wind Ensemble (Dr. Gary Grant,, 814.732.2792)

MUSC 070 - Guitar Ensemble (Mr. Erik Mann,, 814.732.1356)

MUSC 071 - String Ensemble (Mr. Howard Lyon,, 814.732.1082)

MUSC 072 - Pipe Band (Mr. Patrick Regan,, 814.732.1451)


MUSC 053 - University Chorale (Dr. Peter vandenHonert,, 814.732.1216)

MUSC 054 - University Singers (Dr. Peter vandenHonert,, 814.732.1216)

MUSC 066 - Opera Workshop (Dr. Anne Ortega,, 814.732.2634)

MUSC 068 - University Women's Chorus (Dr. Kit Howell,, 814.732.2507)

MUSC 073 - University Men's Chorus (Dr. Kit Howell,, 814.732.2507)