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Band Manual




About this Manual:

There are three main areas that this manual addresses:

1. Operations: How the marching band operates and the processes, organizational structure, and guidelines pertinent to its functioning throughout the year.

2. Academics: How the marching band functions in its unique capacity as both an organization and a university course. To that end, this particular section will cover as a course syllabus for music 05100 001 CRN: 11161

3. Code of Conduct: What is expected of marching band members.






The University of Edinboro Marching Band supports university athletic teams, provides entertainment for the Edinboro “Fighting Scots”, and builds positive community relations for the Athletics Department and the University Band Program. The Marching Band Organization also seeks as it mission to help students improve their musical skills, to provide performance opportunities, to enhance the overall quality of time spent in the university environment for its members, and to encourage and guide academic progress.


Organizational Structure:

· If you have any questions, concerns, or should a problem arise regarding the Marching Band, you should proceed though the following organizational structure: Section Leader—Drum Major—Staff—Director


Rehearsal Schedule:

· Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 4:00pm—5:20pm

· Monday’s Flags & Tams, sectional practice: 4:00pm—5:20pm

· Percussion sectional rehearsal: TBA weekly

· Game Day Dress Rehearsal: TBA

· Sectional warm-up begins at 3:50pm

· You will be notified of any changes in rehearsal schedule during post-rehearsal announcements and/or e-mail. You are asked that you check your e-mail each rehearsal day by 1:00pm for any announcement and reconfirm, if possible, by 3pm for updates.


Inclement Weather:

· Decisions to cancel outdoor rehearsal due to inclement weather are usually made by 3:00pm on the day of the affected rehearsal. Any advanced notice will be made via e-mail. If weather considerations do not appear favorable, go to the music rehearsal hall (auxiliary’s indoor site will be announced). A drum major will be at the rehearsal site to make sure everyone receives updated information.


Instrument Transportation:

· All percussion and tuba players are to report to the rehearsal hall to load equipment onto the truck at 3:15pm. Also they are to report 45 minutes prior to any performance report time to load equipment.

· All percussion and tuba players must unload equipment at the rehearsal/performance site and load the truck following each rehearsal/performance.


During Rehearsal:

1. Drum majors will set all fields markers by 4:00pm.

2. All necessary materials must be easily accessible to you throughout rehearsal. (Wind & Percussion will have music, drill charts throughout each rehearsal)

3. Members will pay complete attention to the staff member giving instructions and follow those instructions immediately. Members will speak only when correcting a problem with the help of a staff member, or recognized for the purpose of asking a question.

4. Frivolous conversation cannot be tolerated from anyone.

5. Your complete concentration and committed work are required at all times. Al directions will come from the tower first, with “field time” to follow. After each segment, ,embers will have time to “check” and “fix” with tower comments to follow.


Ending Rehearsal:

· All members will gather around the podium for announcements. Do not go to your instrument case or truck. Yours attention to announcements is essential. This is our only face-to-face communication between performances. After announcements, the entire band must police the practice field and surrounding areas. All percussion and tuba players will load the truck. The drum majors will collect all field markers and return them to the truck.


Announcements Between Rehearsals:

· It will be necessary from time to time to give special instructions or feedback to the entire band between rehearsal times. These messages will be delivered via e-mail. All members are asked to check there e-mail messages on each rehearsal day prior to 3:00pm.



· When wearing your band uniform, you represent The University of Edinboro and the University Marching Band. Always conduct yourself with the appropriate decorum. Please remember: There is always someone, particularly FANS and ALUMNI, observing you while you are in uniform.


Uniform Checkout:

1. Times will be designated during band camp for uniform checkout prior to the first performance. It is very important that you attend. Uniform managers will assist you with uniform alterations.

2. You must sign a “Borrowed Property Agreement” form before you can receive your uniform.

3. You will be required to compensate the University of Edinboro for any damage to your uniform. Charges for lost or damaged items will be filed. At the discretion of the Director, lack of appropriate care of your uniform may result in dismissal form the marching band.

4. A “hold” on All School Records will be filed as a result of any uniform not returned.


Band Uniform Parts:

· Game day Shirt: purchased at band camp

· Coat: provided, replacement cost—$290

· Pants: provided, replacement cost—$140

· Sash: provided, replacement cost—$60

· Shako: provided, replacement cost—$65

· Shako box: provided, replacement cost—$40

· Collar liner: provided, replacement cost—$20

· Plume: provided, replacement cost—$20

                 - Plumes will be distributed before each performance and collected at the end of all performances. Plumes are NEVER kept or taken home.

· Gloves: purchased at band camp

· Uniform Bag: provided, replacement cost—$10

· Raincoat: provided, replacement cost—$75

· Shoes: purchased at band camp, must be black shoes, no athletic shoes (a sales representative will be at band camp to take orders for shoes and gloves)

· Black Socks: not provided

· Hanger for Uniform: provided, replacement cost—$4


Uniform Care:

1. Members are to clear all alterations though the uniform mangers.

2. Your uniform must be cleaned by professionals on a regular basis.

3. Edinboro University Marching Band does not pay for uniform cleaning except when you turn in your uniform at the end of the year.

4. When not in use, the uniform needs to be hung on a sturdy hanger. Inexpensive wire hangers will damage the uniform.

5. If the uniform becomes wet for any reason, it is important that it is hung up ot dry as soon as possible. Otherwise, it might mildew and/or be permanently damaged.

6. If a member gets a stain on his/her uniform, he or she is to take it to a professional cleaner. DO NOT attempt to clean it yourself.

7. When you arrive at your destination after a performance, remove and hang up your uniform immediately.

8. All raincoats must be hung to dry immediately after use.

9. Uniforms not cleaned properly can result in dismissal from the performance.


Wearing your Band Uniform:

1. Winds and percussion are to ear the official band shirt under your uniform. More layers can be added as the weather gets cold.

2. Your uniform is either on or off. Members are not to wear an incomplete uniform.

3. Your uniform may be worn only at university related functions or those approved by the Director.

4. Your uniform must be cleaned and pressed for each performance.

5. The shako is to be worn with the bill forward and the top parallel to the ground with the strap under the chin.

6. If a member has long hair, it must be neatly secured under the shako so that the hair is not visible on the shoulders of the band uniform. A member’s hair must not be allowed to touch the collar of the uniform.

7. Earrings worn should be discreet studs, not dangling.

8. A member’s shoes must be polished and in good condition. Solid black socks are to be worn.

9. Wind players must wear white (clean) gloves at all performances while in band uniform.

10. Squad Leaders will inspect uniforms prior to each performance at the rehearsal field. If a member’s uniform is incomplete or unacceptable, he or she will not be permitted to perform.

11. No hats, bandannas, or headbands are ot be worn while in uniform at any time.

12. Smoking, consuming alcohol, and/or illegal drugs while in uniform is strictly prohibited.


Wearing the Auxiliary (Tam-O-Shanters and Flags) Uniform:

1. These uniforms will be worn according to the Auxiliary Captains specifications at all times.

2. Auxiliary Capitan's will inspect uniforms prior to each performance at the rehearsal field. If a member’s uniform is incomplete or unacceptable, she will not be permitted to perform.

3. Smoking, consuming alcohol, and/or using illegal drugs while in uniform is strictly prohibited.


Uniforms in the Stands:

1. Members are not to remove any part of the uniforms until instructed to do so.

2. The Drum Majors will give the signal as to when shakos are to be removed.

3. No other headgear is to be worn in the stands except the Edinboro Band hat or visor, bill to the front. Things will change as the weather gets colder.

4. Sunglasses are permitted in the stands only.


Home Games



1. Saturday rehearsals prior to all home football games are at the rehearsal field. The exact time will be announced at the Friday rehearsal.

2. Dress for Saturday rehearsals is as follows:

· Winds and Percussion: Uniform pants, Edinboro Band T-shirt, black shoes, black socks The only acceptable head gear for this rehearsal is the Edinboro Band baseball cap/visor with the bill turned forward.

· Auxiliaries: Practice attire will be determined by the captains and will include the practice war-up outfits.


March to the Stadium:

1. The band will be given 20 minutes to get into complete uniform including passing out plumes.

2. The band will form in parade formation and march from the practice field to the stadium.

3. Once at the stadium, the band will assemble in the grass area in front of the parked equipment truck.


Pre-Game Show:

1. At all home games, we will enter the stadium 20 minuets prior to kick-off.

2. Move to the East end zone area. Be aware of the game clock and the drum majors.

3. At the conclusion the band will return to the field and set up for “Tunnel” in the East end zone for the team entrance.

4. Percussion will escort the team to the field from the away team stands.


In the Stands:

1. Each member will sit in their section's assigned area.

2. All band members are expected to stay until the conclusion of the post game performance. Early excusals are unacceptable.

3. Only uniformed personnel and staff should be in the band section. Please do not invite people (non band members) who are not associated with the band to sit in the band section.

4. Drum Majors will direct when to remove shakos. Edinboro band baseball caps/visors can be worn at this time, bill front.

5. No band member should expect to leave the band area during the game. Half of each section will be excused half of the third quarter. The remainder of the band will be excused the second half of the third quarter. This allows for music to still be played during the third quarter.

6. There is no smoking at anytime while in uniform.

7. While the band is in the stands, ALL members are expected to participate (play) fully in all cheering and performing all music. We will play throughout the entire game.

8. Pay close attention to the Drum Majors at all times. Music cut-offs must be executed at a moments notice.

9. Only the Drum Majors will announce selections of music to be played. When possible, the order will be posted Friday’s to allow time to ready your music.

10. All instrumentalists must have there flip folders with them in the stands.

11. September weather can be warm. When  instructed, the Drum Majors will announce when jackets can be removed.



1. The Drum Major’s will signal the band when to move to leave the stands and move directly to the war-up area (approx. 7 minutes left in the half).

2. If there is a visiting band, we will move to the sideline in time to view there performance. We will be very appreciative of the show.

3. From time to time you will receive special instructions from the Director, Staff, or Drum Majors. Please execute any assignments quickly and exactly as instructed. At times, these tasks may not commensurate with your immediate whishes. It is in these cases that we remind you that your attitude strongly influences that of your fellow band members. When you have a problem, tell someone who can do something about it, before or after rehearsals. When nothing can be done about an unfortunate situation, please save your comments for a time when they will not negatively impact the band. 

4. Know your music/routine. Play/perform it correctly and with the highest degree of intensity of which you are capable.

5. Maintain a productive rehearsal atmosphere at all times. Remain quit and on task: you should only speak when asked to. Under no circumstances should you be off task in rehearsal. This is essential for maintaining membership in the ensemble.

6. Comply with all Band and University policies. If your compliance is a problem, your band membership will be jeopardized.

7. In performance situations, uphold the musical standers of our ensemble at all times. Have your music folder at all times. Cooperate with the Drum Majors at all times.

8. Follow all uniform and rehearsal attire policies and instructions.

9. Wear your game uniform correctly at all times. The uniform and shoes must be clean at all times.

10. Have your instrument in working condition for all performances.

11. The Drum Majors will signal when to move for field entrance.

12. At the conclusion of the show move quickly back to the stands.


After the Game:

1. We will perform at the conclusion of all games.

2. Auxiliaries will move to the track area for performance while the band plays in the stands.

3. All plumes are returned after performance and the truck will be loaded.

4. Percussion and tuba players will return to the music rehearsal hall to unload equipment.

5. Once back to your residence, remove your band uniform; please follow the guidelines for uniform treatment discussed in the uniform policy.


Marching Members:

1. In all situations, consider the best interest of the entire ensemble and institution your highest priority. Abide by Edinboro Marching Band policies, procedures, and expectations and all policies of the Music Department and the University of Edinboro.

2. Present yourself professionally at all times. This entails playing your instrument, any instruments, only at the appropriate times.

3. Arrive at your sectional warm-up site, ready to begin rehearsal by 3:50pm on every rehearsal day.

4. In the 15 minute war-up period, aggressively rehearse music or routines for the day’s rehearsal. Work for superior ensemble performance, both in accuracy and musicality. In this and all other rehearsal situations, winds and percussion will produce the characteristic tone of the instrument. Play the parts as written. Do not make changes to the music or the routines.

5. Come to rehearsal with all materials necessary for rehearsal.





Membership Requirements:

To be a member of The University of Edinboro “Spirit of the Scots” Marching Band, you:

1. Must register for Marching Band 05100-001

2. Must be in good financial standing with the University Band and the University of Edinboro.

3. Must be selected for membership through:

                                  a. Instrumentalists: complete applications

                                  b. Flags and Tam-O-Shanters: complete auditions

4. Must complete and have on record with Edinboro University Marching Band a “Medical Information” form.


Required Class Materials:

1. All marching band member will be required to bring the following materials to all rehearsals, including game-day rehearsals:

2. Instrument or appropriate equipment. All auxiliary must have all visual equipment at all rehearsals.

3. All music and exercises (provided)

4. Music flip-folder and instrument lyre. You are required to provide your own music lyre and use it at rehearsals.

5. Pencil

6. Drill Book

7. Proper attire (sandals or similar foot apparel are not accepted) Dress for all rehearsals will be conductive to the physical demands of the activity. Wear clothes appropriate to weather conditions. As we sometimes rehearse in rainy conditions, a quality raincoat or poncho would be a prudent investment

8. Auxiliaries: Rehearsal uniform and shoes that are appropriate for physical activity are required.



· Attendance is the most important factor in the success of any group activity. All members are required to attend all rehearsals and performances during the fall semester.

· Tardiness/Absence: The Personnel Manager handles all attendance records and checks roll at the beginning of every rehearsal. Any questions concerning your attendance record should be addressed to the Personnel Manager. All final decisions on tardiness and absence will be made by the director.


If you are going to be tardy:

1. Call or contact via e-mail your Section Leader.

2. Report to rehearsal as soon as you are able.

3. Give a written statement to the Personnel Manager explaining the reason for your tardiness. The Personnel Manager will change your “absent” to a “tardy”.

4. Following rehearsal, the Personnel Manager will present your written statement to the director for evaluation.

5. If necessary, the Director will ask for further explanation to determine if your tardiness is excused and to instruct the Personnel Manager to adjust your record accordingly.


To leave a rehearsal early is the same as being tardy. Time is lost in both instances.


If you are absent:

1. Call, or contact via e-mail, your Section Leader.

2. As soon as you are able to return to rehearsal, present your written excuse to the Personnel Manager.

3. Following rehearsal, the Personnel Manager will present your written statement to the director for evaluation.

4. If necessary, the Director will ask for further explanation to determine if your tardiness is excused and to instruct the Personnel Manager to adjust your record accordingly.


If you need to make a request to be excused from a future rehearsal/function/performance:

1. Complete the appropriate from available in the Band Office.

2. Present the form to the Personnel Manager at least (1) week in advance of the anticipated absence.

3. The director will then consider your request and inform you of his decision.

4. Performance excusal requests must be submitted by August 10th.


Acceptable excuses for tardiness or absences:

1. An illness (will require documentation from a physician/nurse)

2. A death in the family

3. A class conflict approved by the director

4. An extraordinary circumstance approved by the Director


Class Conflicts:

· If you wish to participate in the marching band but have a class conflict, you must discuss the conflicts with the Director for approval to participate.

How tardiness/absenteeism affects grade/membership:

1. Two (2) unexcused tardies = one (1) unexcused absence.

2. One (1) unexcused absence lowers the grade by one (1) letter grade and could result in possible suspension from the show at hand and its future performances.

3. Two (2) unexcused absences lowers grade by two (2) letters, suspension from the current show and its subsequent performances, and appropriate disciplinary action.

4. Three (3) unexcused absences may result in termination of your membership.

5. An unexcused absence for Friday’s or Saturday’s rehearsal will e counted as two (2) unexcused absences, and you will not be permitted to perform that weekend on the field with the band.

6. An unexcused absence from a performance will result in the termination of your membership, and you will receive a failing grade.


If you are absent or tardy for a reason that you feel should be excused and merits special consideration, present your case in writing to the Director at an appropriate time (not rehearsal). The Director will evaluate each request with attention to each individual’s circumstances.



1. Because of the inherent nature of ensemble classes, the grading system for marching band is different from academic classes. Each member of the class stars with a grade of “A”/ If a member follows all prescribed guidelines and meets all expectations , he or she will receive a final grade of “A” for the course at the end of the semester. However, if a member does not follow the guidelines and/or meet the expectations of the marching band director and the policies of the handbook, he or she will have his or her final grade lowers. These guidelines and expectations include the following:

2. Attendance (please see the section on “Attendance”)

3. Preparedness for Class, which includes but is not limited to: music, drill, choreography, required materials, etc…

4. Borrow Property Expectations: instruments, equipment, uniforms

5. Conduct, Attitude, and Participation, which includes but not limited to respect for fellow students, staff, audience, and the institution of the Edinboro University “Spirit of the Scots” marching band (please see “Policies on Conduct”)