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Mission Statement

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The mission of the faculty of the Department of Nursing is consistent with that of the University and the State System of Higher Education and professes to prepare graduates who are personally and professionally prepared to take leadership initiatives and engage in contributive citizenship. The purpose of the Department of Nursing is to prepare professional nurses at the baccalaureate and master's level to meet the healthcare needs of individuals, families, groups, and communities within the context of a local and global perspective. Through a liberal baccalaureate education based in the arts, sciences, and humanities, the nursing student is guided through the process of inquiry to develop as an individual and as a committed member of the nursing profession. Specifically, the faculty aim to foster personal development, critical thinking, ethical decision-making, the appreciation of values and cultures, the acquisition of domain-specific nursing knowledge, and socialization into the roles of the professional and advanced practice nurse. Behaviors consistent with the roles of provider of care, coordinator of care, and designer/manager of care as practiced by the professional nurse include, but are not limited to, care provision, health promotion, risk reduction, education, and advocacy. Learning is viewed as a process that is self-directed and life-long, contributing to higher levels of self-actualization and ongoing professional development.

Master's prepared nurses function as family nurse practitioners or as nurse educators. They have the opportunity to assume multiple advanced practice roles in a variety of settings within the community.

Furthermore, the faculty identify as part of their mission, their responsibility to serve as leaders and participate in education, research, and community service in accordance with the health needs of the citizens of the Commonwealth, and contribute to positive healthcare outcomes regionally, nationally, and internationally. 

Revised: 12/01; 1/28/02; 8/03
Approved Faculty Organization: 2/11/02

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