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The elements that unify the curriculum are identified as vertical and horizontal threads. The threads are derived from the conceptual framework and expected results of the program.

Vertical threads permit the students to gain both breadth and depth as they progress in the nursing program. As the complexity of
nursing interventions increases, new principles and theories are provided. Vertical threads include: Recipient of care, Professional Role, Clinical Decision-Making, and Communication.

Horizontal threads provide the elements of the framework that are introduced in the first level of the program and gain in breadth as they are applied at various levels and in various settings. Based on this definition, supporting theories and concepts (nursing process utilizing Gordon's Functional Health Patterns, ethical and legal decision making, cultural diversity, spirituality, and research) provide the horizontal threads for this curriculum.

Horizontal threads supporting theories include: Psychosocial, Cognitive, Interpersonal Development, and Moral Reasoning. Supporting theories within the horizontal threads include: Nursing Process Utilizing Gordon's Functional Health Patterns, Ethical and Legal Decision-Making, Cultural
Diversity, Spirituality, and Research

Proposed: 8/9/03
Approved, Faculty Organization: 10/17/03

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