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Dr. Dorothy Carlson

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Dorothy Carlson, D.Ed., RN
Associate Professor
Chair, University-Wide Institutional Review Board
133 Jeremy Brown Human Services Building

B.S. - Villa Maria College, 1971
M.S.N. - Edinboro State College, 1979
D.Ed. - Penn State University, 1992

Specialty: Medical Surgical Nursing

Recent Publications:
Carlson, D.S., Kruse, L.K., & Rouse, C.L. (1999). Critiquing nursing research: A user-friendly guide for the staff nurse. Journal of Emergency Nursing, 25, 330-332.

Carlson, D.S., & Rouse, C.L. (1999). Staff nurses: Using research in everyday practice. Journal of Emergency Nursing, 25, 564-568.