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RN-BSN Admission Criteria

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The Following are Required for Admission into the RN-BSN Program:


  1.  Proof of graduation from a nursing program leading to licensure as a R.N.                                              
  2.  Proof of a current  R.N. license
  3.  Official copies of transcripts from high school and all post-secondary schools attended
  4.  Completion of the following prerequisite courses:

ENGL 101

College Writing Skills


BIOL 312

Human Phys & Anatomy I


PSYC 101

General Psychology



BIOL 313

Human Phys & Anatomy II


CHEM 140*

General Chemistry



BIOL 318

Clinical Microbiology


MATH 104*

Finite Math






*CHEM 140 may be taken during the First or Second Semesters 
        The Chemistry placement exam is arranged through the Chemistry Department

*MATH 104 may be waived depending on performance on the Math placement exam
        The Math placement exam is arranged through the Math Department

5.   A minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.75 in the pre-licensure nursing program (ADN
      or Diploma Program)