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Legal Studies at Edinboro University



Welcome to the home of the pre-law program at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania!  The pre-law program is designed to help students become thoughtful and engaged graduates who are prepared for success in the profession of law. Countless Edinboro alumni are practicing attorneys, judges, and academics. Even if a student decides to pursue a different career, the training, advice, and experience a student receives in the pre-law program will serve that student well.

Pre-law students at Edinboro can pursue their interest in law in two different ways. Students who are interested in politics can pursue a bachelor's degree in political science with a concentration in legal studies. Alternatively, students who want to attend law school but are not as interested in politics can pursue any major they choose while taking pre-law courses and participating in pre-law program-related activities on campus.

Edinboro's pre-law program, following the recommendations of the Law School Admission Council and the American Bar Association, is guided by the following principles:

1. An undergraduate education should serve as a preparation for law school, not a substitute for it. Students are best prepared for law school when they take some, but not too many, pre-law courses, instead focusing the bulk of their coursework on a wide range of non-law courses. A student's non-law courses (in history, philosophy, politics, economics, psychology, and other subjects) should give a student a broad base of knowledge and superior analytical and communications skills.

2. Students interested in law should be additionally prepared for an alternative career, in case they decide that the practice of law is not for them and/or they decide to work for a while before attending law school.

Therefore, Edinboro University does not have a pre-law major or degree. Instead, we offer a B.A. in political science with a concentration in legal studies, and a series of pre-law courses and law-related activities for students of all majors. In this way, students can pursue their interest in law without focusing on it to the exclusion of other worthy pursuits.

In summary, the major features of the pre-law program at Edinboro include the following:

    • Rigorous and interesting law-related courses, taught by professors with strong academic backgrounds in the law and significant practical experience
    • Active advising from the pre-law faculty and the pre-law advisor
    • A strong internship program; in many majors at Edinboro (for example, political science-legal studies), students can conduct a law-related internship for academic credit
    • A wide variety of extracurricular activities of interest to pre-law students, including debates, guest lectures, movie nights, courthouse tours
    • Participation in student organizations of interest to pre-law students, like Model United Nations, Model NATO, student government, and The Spectator (the student newspaper)

      Feel free to explore our pre-law web pages. If you have any questions about the study of law or the pre-law program, don’t hesitate to call, e-mail, or stop by my office.

      James Daniel Fisher, JD, PhD
      Professor of Political Science
      University Pre-Law Advisor