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Criminal Justice Online



The Department of Political Science & Criminal Justice now offers many of its courses over the Internet!

Online courses are for everyone. Traditional students juggling busy schedules, adult students with full-time jobs, and people thinking about starting a university education all find online courses an attractive option. If you have access to a computer and an Internet connection, you are ready to go!

A high-quality experience. Despite being a form of 'distance' education, our online course are designed to maximize student-faculty and student-student interaction, through, among other things, recorded lectures, discussion boards, live chats, and e-mails.

The same great professors, now online. Several of our full-time faculty members teach online courses (Professors Courtright, Fisher, Murphy, Richards, Rounds and Vegh) so students receive the same high-quality education and attention as they do in our face-to-face courses.

A year-round education. A full load of online courses in criminal justice are offered in the fall, spring, summer, and winter sessions, allowing students to speed up the pace of their education, if they choose.

In short, you can take a wide variety of high-quality courses, year-round, with maximum flexibility-- all while staying in your local area (or in your dorm room)!

  Edinboro's Community College Partnerships

Are you a community college student who would like to earn a bachelor's degree in criminal justice without leaving your local area? Edinboro University is partnering with community colleges to make the process of completing your bachelor's degree in criminal justice easier!

Edinboro currently has six community college partners in Pennsylvania and New York. We are committed to helping 'place-bound' students obtain their bachelor's degree in criminal justice online. The following schools are our community college partners:

Each student in the online B.A. completion program will be advised by a criminal justice faculty member on course selection and career options.

Even if you attend a different community college, or if you are an Edinboro graduate with an associate degree, we will work with you to make the process of completing your B.A. at Edinboro as easy as possible. For more information, see the section, below, on "Useful Information."

About Edinboro Criminal Justice

For over 30 years, Edinboro University has prepared students for careers in the broad and exciting field of criminal justice. Serving over 400 majors per year, Edinboro's Bachelor of Arts in criminal justice program offers accessible faculty with a wide range of expertise and real-world experience; an array of challenging courses that blend theoretical and practical knowledge; comfortable and technology-rich learning facilities; a rewarding internship experience; and excellent placement in all facets of the criminal justice system. Edinboro University graduates are, among other things, federal, state, and local police officers, investigators, and agents; prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys; probation and parole officers; correctional administrators; and counselors and social workers.

You can become part of the deep network of Edinboro criminal justice graduates by completing your bachelor's degree through courses offered online and through interactive television! We look forward to working with you.

Useful Information


How do I transfer to Edinboro University? For more information on transferring to Edinboro for our online B.A. completion program in criminal justice, visit our homepage for transfer students.

How will my prior coursework transfer? How do courses from your current college or university transfer to Edinboro University? Examine our searchable 'transfer equivalencies' database.

What courses do I have to take to earn a B.A. in criminal justice at Edinboro? Download a copy of the curriculum requirement sheet for criminal justice.

What courses satisfy 'general education requirements' at Edinboro? Download a copy of the general education master course list.

i took criminal justice courses at another college or university. How will they 'count' toward my major requirements at Edinboro? Download a copy of the criminal justice program's transfer policies. Of course, don't hesitate to contact the Department of Political Science & Criminal Justice if you have any questions or concerns.

I have a friend or family member who might be interested in the online program. Do you have a brochure? Yes! Download a copy here.

What courses are being offered next semester or session? If you want to see what courses are going to be offered in the upcoming semester or session, visit our searchable schedule of courses. Note that you can conduct a search for courses offered online specifically (under "Campus," select "Internet Course").

What is the seat capacity for your online courses? Seat capacity is limited in all online courses to 25 students.  No overloads will be authorized.  However, a predetermined number of seats are set aside during the scheduling process to provide community college partnership students the opportunity to register for a course offered in the fall, spring, winter and summer sessions.  However, if these seats remain available before the start of classes, they will be made available to all EU students.

What program is used for online courses at Edinboro University? Edinboro University uses "Desire 2 Learn" (D2L) to deliver online content. Edinboro's homepage for its online courses is here. At that page, students can also conduct a 'system check' of their computer to ensure that it is capable of being used for online work.

Courses Offered Online

If you want to see what courses are going to be offered in the upcoming semester or session, visit our searchable schedule of courses. Note that you can conduct a search for courses offered online specifically (under "Campus," select "Internet Course").


The following criminal justice and criminal justice-related courses are approved for online instruction at Edinboro:

CRIM 100, Introduction to Criminal Justice   
CRIM 210, Introduction to Corrections (formerly CRIM 310)
CRIM 230, Introduction to Policing (formerly CRIM 330)
CRIM 265, Introduction to Courts, Law and Criminal Procedure (formerly POLI 365, Prosecution & the Courts)
CRIM 321, Organized Crime and Corruption 
CRIM 340, Criminal Investigation
CRIM 370, Probation and Parole   
CRIM 380, Juvenile Justice   
CRIM 295, Criminal Justice Ethics (formerly CRIM 425)
CRIM 430, White Collar Crime
CRIM 435, Homeland Security   
CRIM 440, Emergency Management   
CRIM 442, Security Systems
CRIM 450, Computers, Crime, and Criminal Justice
CRIM 469, Criminal Procedure and Evidence
CRIM 470, Advanced Issues in Corrections
CRIM 475, Research Methods 
CRIM 500, Seminar in Criminal Justice

POLI 101, Introduction to American Politics
POLI 306, Public Administration
POLI 343, Law and Legal Systems
SOC 100, Principles of Sociology
SOC 335, Juvenile Delinquency
SOC 432, Advanced Criminology


Coming soon! The following courses are in development for online instruction:

SOC 232, Introduction to Criminology
CRIM 443, Arson Investigation 
POLI 315, State and Local Government