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Careers in Political Science


What can you do with a political science degree?

A common question about majoring in political science is, "What can you do with a political science degree?" The answer is: Almost anything! 

Many graduates prefer to enter directly into politics- or policy-related employment. They work for politicians, political campaigns, interest groups, or state, federal, or international agencies, performing a wide range of tasks.

People with degrees in political science, for example,
•    work with and for politicians
•    manage political campaigns
•    conduct policy analysis
•    work in government agencies
•    lobby politicians and work as political activists
•    work for international organizations and in international business
•    work in the U.S. Foreign Service
•    work in developing countries as consultants and analysts
•    teach high school social studies
•    work as journalists

Other graduates pursue some form of graduate education. These students enter law school, pursue a Ph.D. in political science, or work toward master’s degrees in public administration, public policy analysis, political management, or international affairs.

In recent years, for example, Edinboro graduates have earned the following graduate degrees or are attending the following graduate programs:

•    Ph.D., political science, University of Pittsburgh (earned)
•    Ph.D., international relations, Aberystwyth University (attending)
•    Doctorate of Business Administration, Ramkhamhaeng University (attending)
•    M.A., international development, University of Pittsburgh (earned)
•    M.P.P., national security and public policy, George Mason University (earned)
•    M.A., international economics and international relations, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (earned)
•    M.S., econometrics and quantitative economics, Florida State University (earned)
•    M.S., intelligence studies, Mercyhurst University (attending)
•    M.S.W., Widner University (attending)
•    M.P.A., Gannon University (earned)
•    M.P.A., Bowie State University (earned)
•    M.B.A., international business and marketing, University of Tampa (attending)
•    M.Ed., Middle and Secondary Education, Edinboro University (earned)

To see Edinboro's excellent record of placing students in law programs, see here

Edinboro political science majors have an excellent track record in securing employment in the fields of politics and law. If you would like to learn more about career options in politics, contact the Department of Political Science & Criminal Justice and we will schedule an appointment with one of our professors of political science.