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Crime Prevention




Secure your car and home. Keep a large flashlight, cell phone, blanket, candle, a small clay flower pot, a map of the area in which you are traveling, two quarters and five to ten dollars in your car. The flashlight can be used as a light or a WEAPON; the cell phone to call for assistance, the blanket to keep warm, the small clay flower pot to put over the candle to radiate heat, the quarters for the use of a pay phone for a collect call, the five or ten dollars is for car emergencies only, and the map provides traveling information so that you do not have to ask strangers for directions (learn how to read a map - AAA offers map-reading courses to its members). Keep your car doors locked and never open your door to a stranger. If you are stranded and need assistance, ask the stranger, through a closed door and window, to contact the local police for help.

Avoid unsafe situations and strangers. If you are being followed, go to the nearest police or fire department or any place where several people will be, such as a convenience store of gas station. Walk in groups at night.

Flee if you are in potentially dangerous situation. Yell and scream to attract attention. Carry a whistle that will make a loud noise.

Engage in passive or active resistance. Passive resistance is when you think and talk your way out of a situation. Active resistance is to react immediately to startle and confuse your attacker. Use any available item as weapon.

Think!!!!!!! Keep using your mind to think of alternative actions for escape.

You are responsible for your own safety. Remember to use all of your instincts. If you have a bad "feeling" about someone or something, take a friend with you or avoid the situation altogether.

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