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Safety Escort Service



Activities on Edinboro University campus occur at many different locations and various times of the day and night. Student obligations, study and work schedules, and off-campus activities are not confined to a single block of time, often causing students to return to campus or their dormitory at odd hours of the day and night. These instances may be scheduled or unscheduled, and are often unavoidable.

Further, we live in unsettled times. Violent crimes, although extremely rare on our campus, are a concern for students, employees, administration, police, and parents and family members.

We recognize that sometimes students and employees must walk a distance from one location to another on campus late at night. While we believe the campus is safe, an individual may feel uncomfortable making that walk alone.

Recognizing this, Dr. Wollman and the Edinboro University Police have begun a new service on campus. The University Police are offering a Safety Escort Service for those individuals who may feel uncomfortable walking from one campus location to another.


From 8:30 PM to 6:00 AM, the Safety Escort Service will be provided by the Edinboro University Police. If you are driving, simply stop in at the Police Department and request an escort, or if you are walking call the University Police at (814) 732-2921 from your location; a police officer will meet you there and escort you to a requested campus location.

On those occasions when police personnel are addressing a prior complaint or situation, you may be asked to wait at your current location, or if you are in your vehicle, to drive to the University police station. You can park your car, come into our heated lobby and wait until an officer is available. As soon as possible, an officer will be dispatched to meet you and escort you to your requested campus location.

If you would simply like an officer in the area, the officer, will "shadow" you to your location, following in their vehicle. If you prefer a ride, that can also be provided. Please understand that for everyone’s safety, individuals are not permitted to ride in the front seat; you will need to ride in the back seat, but you will be escorted.

Please do not use this service for simple convenience. This service is being made available to address your safety concerns, and we ask that you respect that. We believe that Edinboro has a wonderful and safe campus, and we are excited to offer you the Safety Escort Service.

Edinboro University Police
911 Scotland Road
Edinboro, Pa 16444-0001

Phone: 814-732-2921

For Emergencies, call 814-732-2911