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Careers In Psychology, B.A. Psych. Program


Career Opportunities in Psychology

The work of an individual psychologist is determined by the area he/she emphasizes in his/her preparation, his/her level of education, the setting in which he/she works, and the specific demands placed upon him/her. Among the many career choices in psychology are:

Clinical Psychology - assessment and treatment of persons with emotional or adjustment problems.

Consumer Psychology - involved with the psychological factors that determine an individual's behavior as a consumer.

Counseling Psychology - helps people make normal adjustments and cope with important problems of everyday living.

Developmental Psychology - deals with the development of the organism.

Engineering Psychology - concerned with the development and improvement of man/machine systems.

Environmental Psychology - studies the effects of the physical environment on behavior, feelings, and health.

Experimental Psychology - studies basic psychological processes such as perception, motivation, and cognition.

Forensic Psychology - involves the study and application of psychological principles and research in legal settings, including criminal investigations, trials, and corrections.

Health Psychology - studies the relationship between an individual's behavior and physical health and illness.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology - focuses on the problems that people encounter at work.

Physiological Psychology - probes the relationship between behavior and the biological and physiological processes of the body.

Psychometrics - deals with the development and application of testing procedures, such as psychological evaluations.

School Psychology - concerned with increasing the effectiveness of educational institutions.

Social Psychology - concerned with human interaction in the social environment.

Sports Psychology - performs a broad variety of services in academic and athletic settings such as assessment, development, and intervention.

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