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BS Psychology Homepage


Bachelor of Science - Psychology

As the science that explores thought and behavior, Psychology is both a popular and valuable undergraduate major. Completing coursework that meets the guidelines established by the American Psychological Association for undergraduate programs, students are trained not only in the content of the field, but important critical thinking, research, and communication skills. These skills, coupled with an appreciation and understanding of the complexity and diversity of behavior, thinking and feeling, provides a strong foundation across numerous career paths ranging from human and social services to corrections to business. Additionally, students are very well prepared for graduate education within psychology but also, within other disciplines including counseling, medicine, social work, law and business.

The BSPS degree at Edinboro includes required Foundation courses, a concentration within the discipline, and psychology elective courses.  Additionally, capstone experiences include internship and advanced research courses, a senior seminar and a culminating, integrative course.  The curriculum provides structure but also choice so students can take greater ownership of their degree.