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MA Psychology Program Homepage


Master of Arts - Clinical Psychology


The Master of Arts Program in Clinical Psychology has been placed in moratorium. No new students are being accepted. The information provided on this website regarding the Clinical Psychology Program is for the students who graduates of the program.

The information provided is for Individuals who have graduated from the program ONLY


Program Overview

The purpose of the master of arts degree program in clinical psychology was to provide training for qualified college graduates in the findings and principles of the science of psychology, and the knowledge which will enable them to function on a professional level in a variety of settings where psychological principles and skills are used to aid in the solution of specific human problems and in the general promotion of human welfare. The graduate training of this program was in the area of "clinical psychology" and was designed to prepare the graduates of the program to perform professional services (including assessment and therapy) in accordance with the ethical principles of psychologists (and the legal restrictions of the professional licensing boards of Pennsylvania) in a wide variety of human service organizations and agencies.



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